Oct 16, 2007

V/A "Voice of Thousands"

You might remember my rant when I posted the "Over the Edge" compilation; although the "Voice of Thousands" comp was a bit older (ranging from the 88-90 era) many of the same things can be said about this amazing piece of history. Releases like this were just vital in spreading the sounds for a virtually unknown group. Resources were extremely limited and getting your name out there took a lot more patience where as everything now is so immediate and over saturated. Anyway, I'll spare you the history lesson on the value of a good compilation from "back in the day". There weren't thousands of labels back then, pressing records was a lot more expensive, technology was limited, and basically the only way to get your name around was through comps, zines, and word of mouth. All you really need to know is that releases like this paved the way for many of these bands to expand upon what they were doing. In fact if you've never heard of some of these bands there's a good chance that members of these unknown bands went on to form other groups you've probably heard of. So I'll let some of you other historians fill in the gaps on any of the bands featured here. I'd like a little bit more reader involvement anyway! So yeah, chime in and let's hear some info!

Conversion Records # 6
Released 1990-91ish

1. Amenity "I"
2. Refuse "Trust"
3. Intent "Step Back"
4. Outward "Question to an End"
5. Insight "Get It"
6. Outspoken "Look Beyond"
7. Forced Down "Escape"

8. Integrity "Live It Down"
9. Relapse "Warpath"
10. Round 2 "Begin the End"
11. Force of Habit "Your Decline"
12. Endpoint "Model"
13. Raid "Liberation"
14. Face Value "Help Yourself"


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