Dec 17, 2007

B'ZRKER "self titled" 7"

I just know that a bunch of people are going to love this 7". This shit is hard and pulls no punches. Yet again another band that was introduced to me from the "East Coast Assault" Comp just like my Bricklayer post earlier this week. B'zrker who were also from Massachusetts play a hard metallic style of hardcore along the lines of bands like Zero Tolerance, Icemen, Merauder, and Dmize. That's why I just know that some of you readers are going to be all about it. The harder a band is the more downloads it seems like they get. Lots of double bass drums, chunky bass guitars, and plenty of guitar chugs. My favorite vocal line from this 2 song 7" is the following:

"You fucked with the system and got off scott free. You claim you've got your ticket BUT NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE BUT ME!"

On top of all of that the 7" starts off with a sample from Nightbreed based on the Clive Barker book Cabal that I was probably reading around the time I got this 7". Although not an amazing movie it's still fun to hear the aptly used quote at the beginning. Anyone know if any other material from these guys exists? I'd love to hear more. B'ZRKER was: Tom Habelt - vocals, Alan Fisher - lead guitar, Joe Keinberger - rythm (sic) guitar, Charlie Steeves - bass, & Chip Adams - drums. This 7" was recorded by Ducky Carlisle @ Room 9 From Outer Space in Boston Mass.

B'ZRKER "self titled" 7"
Released in 1992 by Exchange Records
1. Taking the Law
2. It Never Bends

Dec 15, 2007

BRICKLAYER LOCAL 630 "Thought Process '92" 7"

Too Damn Hype released the “East Coast Assault” CD which was a bad ass compilation in the 92-93 eras. It made a lot of smaller demo and 7” bands well known. I mean think about it, this is pre-internet so exposure was really hard. All I had to go by at this time was a song on a comp, a thank you list, or even just an ad in a zine. I think I tried to get material from every band on that comp. A local Harrisburg area record store called “It’s Only Rock N Roll” would have a little shoe box worth of 7”s up by the register with small and unknown hardcore band 7”s. One day while flipping through I saw this Bricklayer 7” and got excited as their song “Release” was fairly decent on the East Coast Assault. So I snatched it up and listened to it fairly frequently back then. It’s funny because I paid $3.99 for this back in 1993 and 7”s today are still only being sold for like $4-$6. Inflation has affected everything in the world except for punk rock I guess. Anyway… Bricklayer was a 5 piece heavy hardcore band from the Medford, MA area. Other than this 7” I do not know how prolific this band was. I always thought it was a good listen for the ’92 era. Give it a try. There’s some great lyrics in “Welcome to the Real World” like; “So much censorship you’d think this was the USSR.”, “Treat some fat junkie entertainer just like a fucking god, worship his statues and his songs, even want his face on a stamp WHAT?” Bricklayer Local 630 was: Scott Turner – bass, Karen Bagrowski – guitar, Ed Bagrowski – guitar, Donnie Ferguson – Drums, & Dan Stagliano – vocals.

BRICKLAYER Local 630 “Thought Process ‘92” 7”
Released on Foundation Americia Records
1. Regret
2. Welcome (to the Real World)
3. Release
4. Last Words

Dec 4, 2007

DISMAY "In Doubt" CD

When Brother’s Keeper signed our first “contract” (I use that term loosely) in 1995 it was with We Bite America. WBA was to be distributed in the US by Victory and was a new venture for the European based label. The only other label mates we had at the time were 25 Ta Life and Dismay. When I first heard Dismay I had that young naïve approach to it. I thought “man this stuff is slow and boring, this ain’t hardcore”. Yeah I was stupid and totally missed what they were going for at the time. I quickly grew out of that mindset and honestly Dismay’s style of slow grooving hardcore is actually what I prefer rather than cliché mosh or old school. The guitar parts have such a thick sound to them and the beauty lies in the simplicity of their riff. The drums stick to a mid tempo and plod along most of the time and really get my head nodding. It’s this type of dramatic angst that gets my blood boiling. Bands like Burn, Beyond, Eye For An Eye, Quicksand, and Hard Response all had elements of this style as well and it seems like a lot of current bands are picking up on this vibe. I decided to post this album as a tribute to the band as I had recently read that the singer had passed away this past year. I never knew the guy or anything but here’s to you man, you made some good music and left a mark in the pages of East Coast hardcore. Rest In Peace.

DISMAY "In Doubt" CD
We Bite America Records 1995

In other news:

Coregasm turned 2 mid november. I wanted to post something ridiculous from my past but never got around to it because life has been hectic. Anyway, happy belated birthday CG. I can't believe it's all ready been 2 years since I started doing my random posts. Thanx to all who read and check out the bands.

Also, if you remember I had posted 2 different Icemen posts (R.I.P. / Buried Alive). Turns out some of the old members of the band have been posting responses to each other and it's a little heated. This was rather unexpected and weird and I'm not really trying to fan the flames but it looks like after many many years there's still some hard feelings.