Dec 17, 2007

B'ZRKER "self titled" 7"

I just know that a bunch of people are going to love this 7". This shit is hard and pulls no punches. Yet again another band that was introduced to me from the "East Coast Assault" Comp just like my Bricklayer post earlier this week. B'zrker who were also from Massachusetts play a hard metallic style of hardcore along the lines of bands like Zero Tolerance, Icemen, Merauder, and Dmize. That's why I just know that some of you readers are going to be all about it. The harder a band is the more downloads it seems like they get. Lots of double bass drums, chunky bass guitars, and plenty of guitar chugs. My favorite vocal line from this 2 song 7" is the following:

"You fucked with the system and got off scott free. You claim you've got your ticket BUT NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE BUT ME!"

On top of all of that the 7" starts off with a sample from Nightbreed based on the Clive Barker book Cabal that I was probably reading around the time I got this 7". Although not an amazing movie it's still fun to hear the aptly used quote at the beginning. Anyone know if any other material from these guys exists? I'd love to hear more. B'ZRKER was: Tom Habelt - vocals, Alan Fisher - lead guitar, Joe Keinberger - rythm (sic) guitar, Charlie Steeves - bass, & Chip Adams - drums. This 7" was recorded by Ducky Carlisle @ Room 9 From Outer Space in Boston Mass.

B'ZRKER "self titled" 7"
Released in 1992 by Exchange Records
1. Taking the Law
2. It Never Bends


Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

DUDE, god damn! Where did you find this shit!? That is so fucking funny, because RIGHT after I posted that comment on the Bricklayer post I IMMEDIATELY thought to myself, "Man, I wonder if that Bzrker band ever did release anything..." Ha, ha. Incredible. Downloading now!

rocco said...

how about posting the brotherskeeper/ coming of the new messiah split? that has been long deleted.

skethcbag said...

i'd really like to hear some SUMTHIN' TO PROVE honestly... help a brother out!

O.P. said...

They have alot of unreleased material.. I have a cd with 15 Bzrker songs...aweosme stuff

Edwin said...

They have another 7" called 'That's What You Get' on Nemesis, also great stuff. Awesome awesome band.

Anonymous said...

I just got out of the Army with Charlie Steeves, the bass player for B'zrker...he's living in Plymouth right now.

Anonymous said...

cooper - quit tellin' motherfuckers where i live!
damn hillbilly!

we also formed a band called THUG after al left b'zrker (i was against both names but i was out voted) we had some good stuff but never released anything. i dont even have the demo anymore.
i think b'zrker had alot of potential but i dont think there is one song that i am completely satisfied with. too many gituar solos and singing where there should be screaming - toms strength - he could curdle your blood with a scream.
if you want more info i think there is a b'zrker myspace run by al. he could hook you up with info better than anyone.


ps- "Anonymous" is jason cooper of clarksville tennessee.....bitch!

Anonymous said...

Any possibility you could re-up this please?

Anonymous said...

could someone please re-up some of this stuff including the 15 track cd.
I've been looking all over and cant find anything b'zrker.

Anonymous said...

weaponsrocks email address is deleted.some idiot send me over 100 spam emails so i closed it.
thanks dumbass