Nov 27, 2008

EVERLAST "drown the self" 7" / COLD WAR 7" comp

Everlast's sound captures the mid 1990s sound to a T with their chugs, drum tom parts and double bass, feedback intros, the whole band just almost overplaying in a weird way, and layer upon layer of vocal tracks. I had seen many pictures of these guys in zines for what seemed like eternity before I could actually lay my hands on a recording. My introduction to them was the COLD WAR compilation 7" that is featured below and their track was really aggressive and up my alley at the time. The Within a Lie and None Left Standing tracks are really good as well and show a diverse cross section of hardcore for the era. I have always been a Mean Season fan but the live track just does not need to be released by any means. My friend Justin had all ready posted this compilation awhile back in his blog x43x but I re-ripped it and upped it for those who might have missed it.

A few months later after seeing ad upon ad for their "drown the self" 7" on the short lived Chapter Records I finally scored a copy. It was enjoyable but I think I liked their compilation track a little bit more. Regardless it is still "post worthy" as I'm sure many of you will enjoy this bit of Illinois hardcore history. I think the band had either broken up by the time this came out or shortly after. On my photocopied lyric sheet it states "Due to excessive laziness on behalf of the band the real lyric sheet was not finished (started) by the time the record was ready to be released..." haha, man funny times. I'm not too sure what the cover art was all about either...

EVERLAST "...drown the self..." 7" (clear vinyl)
Chapter Records #3
1. Drown the Self
2. Another Step
3. Broken At Last

THE COLD WAR "Hardcore Compilation" 7"
Foresight #001 / Stability Records #002
1. None Left Standing - Just Another War
2. Everlast - Crutch
3. Mean Season - Sea of Shame
4. Within A Lie - Him

Nov 26, 2008

FOUNDATION "demo" & "unreleased"

One great thing about doing this blog is that when I post some tracks from an old band that I really like, I pretty much immediately start getting more emails chock full of hard to find info about them. Sometimes I even hit the jackpot and someone will have tracks that I don't have and swap them with me. This was the case here. I had posted two 7"s from the early '90s Rochester, NY band Foundation earlier this year and they seemed to go over very well. This eventually led me to scoring a copy of their demo and an unreleased 5 song ep from them. So here it is for all of you to enjoy. You'll notice other versions of the 7" songs on both releases but there are also plenty of other new (to me at least) songs that are nothing short of awesome. "Dragon's Mouth" is a real stand out track for me that would have surely got my head banging back in the day. Check them out and check out the original post of their two 7"s CLICK HERE.

1. Semi-Voluntary Reaction
2. Nothing Personal
3. Disaster
4. Your Deception
5. Enough
6. Communication Breakdown

FOUNDATION "unreleased" EP
1. Undefined
2. Broken
3. Down
4. Dragon's Mouth
5. Purity

Nov 17, 2008

COREGASM turns 3

The Coregasm blog has officially turned 3 years old yesterday and with each passing year I always try to share something humorous from the past. This little gem is nothing short of embarrassing. I had this band in 92-93 with two friends that would just jam out in one of the guy’s basement. None of us could really play well and we basically just did it for fun here and there. Well this straight edge beaut of a song somehow got made and here it is for all of you to enjoy.

We went through a slew of different names like Wish Pure and then Object Lesson among others, and we never made an official demo or played any shows. Like I said, it wasn’t a real band just more of a hang out / jam out type of thing. Our real songs were pretty much a combination of Youth of Today mixed with Next Step Up. And after typing that just now, that made me want to go out and start a band that sounds like that today. The band was Mike on drums, me on guitar, and my cohort Will who actually starting Surprise Attack fanzine with me on vocals. Somehow for this song it was me playing drums and Mike and Will on vocals.

We all went to tons of shows together throughout high school allover PA, NY, NJ, and the DC area. Those were great times. We eventually all drifted apart as life took us on different paths. Last I had heard (around ‘95) Mike was a pizza deliver guy and got hit by a drunk driver. He was banged up pretty good and shattered most of his one leg. Will went off to Kutztown College which was a bit of a hardcore Mecca back then. And I moved to Erie around that same time. I hope all of those guys are doing well in life with all of their adventures and if they somehow stumble upon this I’m sure they will be laughing.

xWISH PUREx “Live by the X” (circa 92/93)

Getting wasted, you think it’s cool.
Doing that shit you’re just a fool.
Tell yourself you’re living fast.
Faster you live, the sooner you die

Live hard!
Live strong!
Live by the X!!!

Look around, it’s going down.
Doing that shit, you’re gonna drown.
Lying in the gutter, Life’s a bitch.
Don’t blame me, you dug your ditch!

Live hard!
Live strong!
Live by the X!!!


Nov 13, 2008


Approach to Concrete were a mid nineties hardcore band from Germany. Somehow we got a hold of their 6 song CD "failures" and proceeded to rock it a plenty whether it was in the van on tour or at my friends house that he tattooed out of. ATC did the fast yet not too youth crewy sounding hardcore really well. Brother's Keeper actually got the chance to play with these guys in 1996 and it was pretty awesome to see them live. I remember dancing for them and their singer commenting on how different (read violent) that US kids danced compared to the Euros. I felt bad but he was just busting my balls really. Anyway check out these 6 songs and see what you think.

Released 1995 on Mad Mob Records (MM010)
1. Absolution
2. I Fail Again
3. Bad Time Story
4. Ineffective
5. Did You Know
6. Blood Runs Red