Nov 27, 2008

EVERLAST "drown the self" 7" / COLD WAR 7" comp

Everlast's sound captures the mid 1990s sound to a T with their chugs, drum tom parts and double bass, feedback intros, the whole band just almost overplaying in a weird way, and layer upon layer of vocal tracks. I had seen many pictures of these guys in zines for what seemed like eternity before I could actually lay my hands on a recording. My introduction to them was the COLD WAR compilation 7" that is featured below and their track was really aggressive and up my alley at the time. The Within a Lie and None Left Standing tracks are really good as well and show a diverse cross section of hardcore for the era. I have always been a Mean Season fan but the live track just does not need to be released by any means. My friend Justin had all ready posted this compilation awhile back in his blog x43x but I re-ripped it and upped it for those who might have missed it.

A few months later after seeing ad upon ad for their "drown the self" 7" on the short lived Chapter Records I finally scored a copy. It was enjoyable but I think I liked their compilation track a little bit more. Regardless it is still "post worthy" as I'm sure many of you will enjoy this bit of Illinois hardcore history. I think the band had either broken up by the time this came out or shortly after. On my photocopied lyric sheet it states "Due to excessive laziness on behalf of the band the real lyric sheet was not finished (started) by the time the record was ready to be released..." haha, man funny times. I'm not too sure what the cover art was all about either...

EVERLAST "...drown the self..." 7" (clear vinyl)
Chapter Records #3
1. Drown the Self
2. Another Step
3. Broken At Last

THE COLD WAR "Hardcore Compilation" 7"
Foresight #001 / Stability Records #002
1. None Left Standing - Just Another War
2. Everlast - Crutch
3. Mean Season - Sea of Shame
4. Within A Lie - Him


rybunal said...

great comp!!!! i still have this one!!!

David Agranoff said...

Don't forget Dan from Race Traitor was in this band.

Mani the singer from RT also grew up with these guys I always think of this band as pre-RT.

jav said...

yes, dan from race traitor was in this band, and so was Jodi who sang for Disembodied for a short time.

i remember being a bit of discussion about the drum into to "broken at last" being a little too similar to the drum into to that one song on the Earth Crisis "firestorm" 7". i dont remember which one now.

this 7" along with the Green Rage 7" pretty much embody 90's hardcore for me, with the dive bombs, political/ personal lyrics, and mid tempo chugs.

thanks for posting this. miss you.

Savagist said...

Mani does back up vox on this shit in the team vocals and a couple screams you hear in the distance are his.

Jody was in Hinckley after this. you might find him in a shitty Arab on Radar video too that aired on TurdTV.

the other guitarist, Adam, was in Arma Angelus later with Wentz and Dan.

Jav, im coming over to stay for a week. let me borrow your rave jeans and purple hair die, oppressor.