May 29, 2006

PITTBULL "the very worst of..."

I picked up this 7" in 1992. It was another one of those "didn't know shit about the band but it looked hard". Boy was I right. Pittbull (what a hard ass name too) were from Detroit which is notorious for it's hard way of life. Their music and demeanor reflected that. The band started out in 1987 and had a handful of releases. This is a 2 song 7" entitled "1990" which was released on Fist-O-Cuff Records of the same year. The only other release I had at the time was a killer "s/t" CD on Nemesis records that if I would have had my way at 15 would have gotten the flame design on the cover tattooed around my wrist. Thank god you can't tattooed that young. The band didn't seem super well known in my area but the people who had experienced them seemed to be really into it. I'm not sure how much they toured the US but I do know that they toured Europe a few times and might have even had a CD out on Lost & Found (not 100% certain but I seem to remember something of this). The band has a weird mix of punk/hardcore and some weird rockish guitar riffs. Tempo changes come out of nowhere in some of their songs. All of this adds up to a nice really raw and ballsy sound for the band. To complete the package you have Mikey's voice that is reminiscent of Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Anthony (Killing Time), or even Mike from Judge. Gruff, shouted, and the lyrics were still distinguishable. I can feel the sense of urgency and bitterness as he sings. For some weird reason with the more experimental aspects of the music Pittbull reminds me more of a Rollins Band for the working class everyday man. I hold this band right up there with all of Detroit's other great bands. Give them a listen. Just this past year Disconnected Records released "The Very Worst of... Pittbull" and has 22 tracks. Most of their older titles are probably really hard to find so I strongly recommend this release. I have taken the 2 songs from the CD version instead of straight from the vinyl just for clarity and quality reasons.

Click here to order "The Very Worst of..." CD from Very Distro

1. "No Love Lost"
2. "Follow the Leader"

Here's another track from their "s/t" CD on Nemesis records from 1991 that can now also be found on "The Very Worst of..." CD

3. "You Deserve Worse"

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May 25, 2006

YOT & GB pics

Ray Cappo backstage at Youth Of Today's show in London, England March 1989

Porcell from Gorilla Biscuits. When & Where unknown. Pic by Tony Peelman.

Civ from Gorilla Biscuits. When & Where unknown. Pic by Tony Peelman.

May 22, 2006

MIND OVER MATTER "Hectic Thinking" 7"

New York has always been a constant source of outstanding bands in my opinion. The hardcore scene there has brought forth so many varieties and original sounding bands it blows my mind. When people try to pigeon hold NYHC I know deep down inside that they just want to be a hater and look no further. The eclectic bands that came out of that area from 1988-1995 still make me just as excited as the days that I discovered them.

Mind Over Matter were another band that you wouldn't typically think of as the poster child for NYHC. With a slightly more discordant sound to them and a bleak feel to it, M.O.M. were a nice addition. I remember buying this record solely on the fact that Wreck-Age Records had released the Madball "Dropping Many Suckers" 7". I wasn't disappointed at all. The first thing you will notice is the guitar and chunky drum sounds that many Don Fury recordings from those days were known for. In hindsight it reminds me of what Quicksand was kind of going for but with a little more of an edge to it. Definitely listen to track 4 "Feel the Pleasure and the Pain". It has a nice feel to it.

From my limited knowledge of what became of this band I do know that the drummer John Lafatta was also in the amazing Neglect and he did a short stint in Madball playing drums on one of my favorites "Look My Way". Guitarist Arthur Shepard wound up in Errortype 11 as well as a handful other bands, most recently with ex Quicksand / Bold / Handsome / Beyond guitarist Tom Capone entitled Instruction (which i believe are now broken up). He also produced a lot of albums for other NY bands such as Silent Majority and a few more that are eluding me at the time... I'm not too sure if the vocalist George or bassist Scott where in anything else that I should know of.

The bands has a few other CDs that came out on the now extinct Wreck-Age Records. I'll probably post their earlier 7" as well soon. It's just as good as this release. "Hectic Thinking" was recorded in March of 1993.

1. "Mindset Overhaul"
2. "Too Much"
3. "Forbidden Fruit"
4. "Feel the Pleasure and Pain"

May 17, 2006

OUT OF REACH "problems with democracy" 7"

You know I really hate when I go to post a sweet 7" and all I can really say "I don't really know a ton about this band" etc... But over the years I've just picked up so many 7"s from random bands that I either never saw, or they weren't around very long. I picked this 7" up because it was released by some kids I knew in Pittsburgh. Ascension Records was a collective label started by one of the guys from Abnegation and later on Creation is Crucifixion, and a few of the guys from Pittsburgh Screamo band Pressgang. Out of Reach really wasn't the type of music that I would have expected them to release but regardless I enjoyed what I heard. Ascension Records went on to also release the Forethought (who later became Autumn) 7" but after that I don't know if the label did anything else or what direciton it went. I'm pretty sure Out of Reach were a PA band and this 7" was recorded in Gettysburg, PA and it was Ascension Records #1. The recording is from August of 1992 and is a nice mix of raw, chunky, mid tempo (with some faster parts here and there hardcore that PA/NJ/NY has been known to produce over the past 20 some odd years. Let me know what you think!

1. "The Last Word"
2. "Vices"
3. "All Fucked Up"
4. "Count on Punishment (C.O.P.)"
5. "Incidentally"
6. "Problems With Democracy"

May 15, 2006

BURN SIDE "Rebirth - Jersey Style" 7"

The mid to late '90s in NJ was some serious glory days for some, and a source of constant frustration for other hardcore fans. The thug mentality, Kickboxing, and metal were all creeping into hardcore more and more at that time. Many people ran away from this style and others welcomed it at the door. I was one of the ones who embraced it with open arms. I related to the harshness and attitude that many of these bands and songs were emanating at the time. In fact, not much has really changed about my tastes to this day. I still listen to a wide variety of music but I'm a sucker for some good old groovy hardcore that is genuinely filled with anger and ferocity.

Burn Side was a small band that put out a few demos through out the nineties, a 7" (featured here), and a CD on RPP records from Belgium. These 4 tracks were released on the short lived Gut Punch Records out of NJ who also released a NJ compilation (featuring Burn Side). Something about this record I just enjoyed. I felt this 7" was a good start for this new band. Mine is number 38 out of 666 and on some serious pink vinyl. I remember I used to distro this back around that time and the kids who did pick it up also enjoyed it. Anyway, here it is, Motherfucking Jersey Style. This was released in 1997 on Gut Punch Records.

Click here to check out Burn Side on Myspace.

1. "Rebirth"
2. "Release"
3. "These 4 Words"
4. "How Can I Forgive"

I've received several emails from people asking me to send them tracks, however here's some important info that might help you out. This may seem redundant to some but many people do not realize that you can save these tracks straight from our server here at Coregasm. If you aren't too familiar with this, simply right click over top of the MP3 hyperlink & select "SAVE LINK AS...". It's fairly simple. After you have saved the file to your computer somewhere, take it into your mp3 player of choice (win amp, itunes, etc...) and play it from there. I recommend even saving the cover art with the selected tracks from that release. If you have any further problems just ask around or drop me an email.

May 9, 2006

SHOCKWAVE "warpath" + xDISCIPLEx AD "scarab" 7"s

My label Surprise Attack Records has recently repressed the two following records. Both were originally released in the 90s and had great responses worldwide. Neither of these has been pressed since 2000 at the latest. We had a few original covers laying around from the initial presses so we figrued to give them both one last hoorah. Check them out! Memebers from both bands are now in Jesus Wept (whose new CD is one of this years best) & No Innocent Victim.

sa13 - SHOCKWAVE "warpath" 7" (click here to order)
Back in print after over 5 years. Recorded and released back in 1997, this 7" was a milestone in Erie Hardcore history. Shockwave quickly became notorious throughout the world with their brand of heavy hardcore and catchy lyrics. Playing shows only once, maybe twice a year at the legendary annual Erie, PA Shocktober shows, an occasional West Coast special appearance, and one tour of Europe, the band was very low key but made huge waves throughout the scene over the past decade. This will NOT ever be repressed on vinyl again. COLORED VINYL: 500 on Blue.
MP3 - "Kickback"

sa10 xDISCIPLEx AD "Scarab" 7" (click here to order)
Back in print for the first time in years. This will be the last pressing of this 7" ever! So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on their second recording ever. "Scarab" was recorded 10 years ago and is still an amazing release in the xDisciplex A.D. back catalog. In your face metallic spirit filled hardcore. This record set the Erie scene on fire. See where the band got their start as this is your last chance to obtain this on vinyl. Members now in Jesus Wept & No Innocent Victim. COLORED VINYL: 600 on Clear.
MP3: "Scarab"