May 9, 2006

SHOCKWAVE "warpath" + xDISCIPLEx AD "scarab" 7"s

My label Surprise Attack Records has recently repressed the two following records. Both were originally released in the 90s and had great responses worldwide. Neither of these has been pressed since 2000 at the latest. We had a few original covers laying around from the initial presses so we figrued to give them both one last hoorah. Check them out! Memebers from both bands are now in Jesus Wept (whose new CD is one of this years best) & No Innocent Victim.

sa13 - SHOCKWAVE "warpath" 7" (click here to order)
Back in print after over 5 years. Recorded and released back in 1997, this 7" was a milestone in Erie Hardcore history. Shockwave quickly became notorious throughout the world with their brand of heavy hardcore and catchy lyrics. Playing shows only once, maybe twice a year at the legendary annual Erie, PA Shocktober shows, an occasional West Coast special appearance, and one tour of Europe, the band was very low key but made huge waves throughout the scene over the past decade. This will NOT ever be repressed on vinyl again. COLORED VINYL: 500 on Blue.
MP3 - "Kickback"

sa10 xDISCIPLEx AD "Scarab" 7" (click here to order)
Back in print for the first time in years. This will be the last pressing of this 7" ever! So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on their second recording ever. "Scarab" was recorded 10 years ago and is still an amazing release in the xDisciplex A.D. back catalog. In your face metallic spirit filled hardcore. This record set the Erie scene on fire. See where the band got their start as this is your last chance to obtain this on vinyl. Members now in Jesus Wept & No Innocent Victim. COLORED VINYL: 600 on Clear.
MP3: "Scarab"


Johnny said...

I've got both of the original pressings of these, the Shockwave on the '99 blue vinyl actually, and both are some of the best things you ever did and are definitely two of my favorite records from the late 90's. The vocals on "Scarab" are probably still the best that Dan's ever done, sooooo raw and scathing. The Shockwave still holds its own over time too. Awesome stuff.

EMS / COREGASM said...

Actually the Shockwave only came on White vinyl and a later pressing on Pink. The Disciple 7" had 2 different versions on blue vinyl with different colored center stickers. But you can see all of the pressing info by checking out the following (I have yet to add the new Shockwave though):

Johnny said...

Maybe it was white, but I could have sworn it was blue. I'll check at home tonight and confirm.

Johnny said...

You were right, it's white. The wife had stored a blue Inside Front complilation EP in the sleeve, and that's where I was getting the blue. Still a killer record on white.

EMS / COREGASM said...

well white was the first press and is pretty hard to come by so that's a good one to have! i only have 1 of those still and i made the damn thing! those were good times for sure.

breakyaface1864 said...

Hello I was wondering how to get a hold of their Live in Poland cd, would you have any ideas?
cheers from Slovenia