Nov 28, 2006

NO ESCAPE "Just Accept It" CD

I first heard NO ESCAPE on their split 7" w/ TURNING POINT. I immediately feel in love with both bands. NO ESCAPE were a great band from the historic early 90s hardcore scene of New Jersey. No Escape had a cool slowed down vibe to them as opposed to many of the bands playing circle pit anthems of that time frame. Vocalist Tim Singer later went on to front the slightly more chaotic group known as Kiss It Goodbye. I believe that guitarist Steve Crudello also did his time in Turning Point. This CD was released on the now defunct Overkill Records from Seattle WA. It was recorded in March of 1993 at Why Me? Studios. The bonus demo tracks are from 1990.

NO ESCAPE "Just Accept It" CD + bonus demo tracks

1. Falling
2. Just Accept It
3. Bed of Nails
4. Left Hanging
5. No Question
6. Time Bomb
7. Downtime
8. Framework
9. Guilty
10. No
***BONUS - Demo 1990***
11. Falling
12. Thread
13. Blind
14. Search
15. Guilty

UPDATE: xYosefx requested that I put up scans of the full Gatekeeper Demo that was posted last April. So here you go man... hope they are good enough.
Insert side 1 - Insert side 2

Nov 23, 2006

ARMS LENGTH "s/t" 7"

The Cleveland, Ohio hardcore scene has spawned many heavy and dark hardcore bands through out its history. One not too heard of is Arms Length who hold their own with the scenes past. Arms Length have more of a fast old school feel to it along the lines of Confront more so than the metallic leanings of Integrity. However I'm sure they all shared the stage at one time or a nother.

After I dug this out of my collection I was reading the liner notes and was surprised to see that the typesetting and layout was done by none other than John McKaig which I thought was pretty cool (although John there's a lot of typos in the lyrics haha j/k). The cover and band logo's font definitely do remind me of my old 11x17" Attack & Answer fanzine that McKaig did back then. Another Syracuse connection to this release is that it was put out on Shane Durgee's (singer Framework, Gatekeeper, etc...) label Reflection Records (not to be confused with the current Reflections Records from the Netherlands). The 7" was recorded back in 1992 and some liner notes mention that there were 10 tracks recorded in all and that the other 6 were available on a cassette directly from the band. That would have been cool to check out. I'm sure there's only a real limited amount of those around. Anyway, if you like the history and sound of the Cleveland hardcore scene over the past 20+ years hopefully you'll enjoy this as well.

"Roaming down the street. There's a corpse lying in front of me. A bullet in his head and blood dripping from his eyes. Self-inflicted death - a suicide. What justifies this action? Why did he have to die?" - Realm of Hatred

ARMS LENGTH "s/t" 7" recorded May of 1992 in Canton, OH.
Released on Reflection Records.
1. Intro / Your Control
2. Blood From Stone
3. Realm of Hatred
4. Last Draw

Nov 22, 2006

SOULSTICE "Dark Hour" 7"

More syracuse vegan straight edge coming at you in coregasm. There seems to be no shortage of this stuff in my collection which some people will love and others will hate. This '90s hardcore band had everything going for them; they were from syracuse, had the same drummer that displayed his amazing skills in Green Rage, Guav the straight edge weapon did their logo, and Joel Jordan did their 7" layout. This 3 song 7" was recorded at Penguin Studios in January of 1994. I think it took forever to actually come out and somehow i scored one on red vinyl. Check out those freaking dive bombs in EVERY song! The band later went on to release a CD on Lifeforce records and you can still find it at Very Distro for only $4.99.

SOULSTICE "Dark Hour" 7"
Released on Scorched Earth (Stanton, NJ) in 1994
1. Turn Away
2. Blind
3. Dark Hour

BK / OKD / DOS flyer

Nov 20, 2006

BLUDGEON "Body Lure" 7"

It bums me out whenever I go to rip a 7" that I was in the mood to put up on here, and then as I'm listening to it, it starts skipping. Therefore ruining my chances of putting it into MP3 format. This happened twice tonight, first with the Falling Down 7" (Pre-Day of Suffering) and Chicago's Everlast 7" (not Whitey Ford the rapper). Oh well, life goes on...

So I decided to settle on this 2 songer. I normally can remember a lot about bands and when or why I bought their releases. This 7" is not the case thought. I think the only reason I mail-ordered this back in the day was for 2 reasons; 1. they were a straight edge band and 2. its from the same label that put out a pretty kick ass 7" comp with Integrity / Catharsis / Backlash / & Congress (which will eventually be on here) .

I believe that Bludgeon was a band from the Reno, NV area. They have that whole evil straight edge thing going on that was big for a few years around this time. I mean hell, they thank "Satan and... the Straight Edge!" The 7" is also complete with a Star Wars sample which will also show you the era it was from. For some reason Star Wars was huge with the Straight Edge scene and then so was Calvin and Hobes. Why? I have no fucking clue. Anyway these guys were definitely influenced by the likes of Integrity but pulled off more with the skills of Chokehold. The 7" says it's from a pressing of 200 (mine is stamped 092) and is on clear vinyl. So I don't know if that means there were only 200 pressed all together or if that only indicates the colored vinyl. Either way I wouldn't expect to find this anywhere soon so check out the mp3s and maybe you'll like it.

BLUDGEON "Body Lure" 7"
Released 1994 on Area 51 Records from Reno, NV.
1. Body Lure
2. Darkside

Nov 16, 2006


As of today Coregasm is officially 1 year old. It’s crazy to think that 365 ¼ days ago was my first post about Disembodied. We’ve accomplished a little bit in spotlighting some obscure gems (in my opinion) but I still have A LOT of ground to cover. I still have a stack of about seventy five 7”s sitting beside my turntable waiting to be put into mp3 form for your enjoyment. I have boxes of demo tapes that need to be dusted off and popped up on here (although my cassette deck just crapped out on me). So yeah, 1 year is over with but there is still so much good stuff to share and talk about. So here’s to the future! As a little token of appreciation I am going to give you guys all something that will hopefully amuse you…

At the end of the 80’s I had found myself immersed in the skate boarding scene and punk rock. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. In 1990 I started to have the notions of wanting to be in a band so me and a few buddies of mine all got instruments. I got a guitar (a canary yellow Vester), my friend Chad also bought a guitar, and his brother Jakie bought a bass. We all started taking guitar lessons. I started out by taking in music from the Misfits, DRI, Danzig, Suicidal Tendencies, Minor Threat, the Sex Pistols, & Agnostic Front for my instructor who was a long haired dude named Ray and taught us out of his basement. We didn’t know anyone who played drums so somehow we ended up all pitching in and buying a drum kit off of someone for $40. It didn’t even have a bass pedal so we just used the floor tom.

The McGinty brothers and I used to steal. I mean we stole a lot. You name it, we stole it. We decided to name our band after our little crew of bandits. The name of our thieving crew was The Guild of Thieves. Hell we even stole that name from an old Apple game of the same name… you know, when computer monitors only had one color screens that were all green dots… and there we had our first band.

The first song we ever all played together was “We Bite” by the misfits followed by “Some Kind of Hate”. We would all take turns playing different instruments. We only ever went on to write 2 more songs. One of which the lyrics were all taken from a verse from the Satanic Bible (which we stole the books of) called Das Tierdrama. The other song was called “Loser” (with me laying down some sick vocals) and was our own little anti-drug manifesto. The lyrics are quite humorous to hear now. We were so pumped on it that we ran up stairs and played it for their mother who responded saying that she appreciated the sentiments but didn’t really care for the language.

The “band” later broke up when one of the brothers picked a fight with me over reasons I can’t even remember (I think I was spending more time skateboarding instead of playing with the band). It was my first full blown fist fight and it happened in the morning when we got to school. We were bashing each other around between the lockers and a huge group of kids surrounded us cheering. We proceeded to pound each other pretty good. I had to get my hand x-rayed from the fight and landed some good hits but Jakie also managed to chip one of my teeth. Unfortunately we were never really friends again but the legacy of “Loser” by The Guild of Thieves lives on.

(my general appearance at this time)

The Guild of Thieves were on this song:
EMS – vocals, Jakie McGinty - drums, Chad McGinty – guitar.
It was recorded on a boom box in their basement in 1990.

Click here to listen to "Loser"

“LOSER” by The Guild of Thieves

You’re a fucking loser and you know it’s true.
You huff gas and you like to sniff glue.
You smoke dope ‘cus you think it’s cool,
But all you are is a motherfuckin’ fool.

You’d take it up the ass just to get another hit
‘Cus you’re addicted to that motherfuckin shit.
You spent a lot of money and you kissed a lot of ass
And all you got was a bag of fucking grass.

You stupid asshole.

Nov 6, 2006

NO ONES HERO "no ones hero" 3rd 7"

A few weeks ago I was at a friends house in Erie. I looked in his closet and he had a small stack of 7"s given to him from another friend to sell on ebay. I freaked out as I pulled this gem out of the pile. You might remember NO ONES HERO from an older Coregasm post that you can hear/read by clicking here. Well this is their 3rd 7" and I was more than excited to finally hear this. I can't believe it took me over 10 years to randomly find it in my friends closet.

Check it out as it's 3 more powerful songs from this great band. The vocals are even a little bit more frantic and the kick drum just cuts through to your chest. There's some sweet grooves that remind me of some older Turmoil parts here and there and the vocals sound somewhat like the singer of Starkweather only in a full blown hardcore band. Over all a good solid release by Motherbox Records & No Ones Hero in 1996.

NO ONES HERO "s/t" 7" on Motherbox Records(#17) 1996
1. Roadside
2. Car 54
3. Crow