Nov 28, 2006

NO ESCAPE "Just Accept It" CD

I first heard NO ESCAPE on their split 7" w/ TURNING POINT. I immediately feel in love with both bands. NO ESCAPE were a great band from the historic early 90s hardcore scene of New Jersey. No Escape had a cool slowed down vibe to them as opposed to many of the bands playing circle pit anthems of that time frame. Vocalist Tim Singer later went on to front the slightly more chaotic group known as Kiss It Goodbye. I believe that guitarist Steve Crudello also did his time in Turning Point. This CD was released on the now defunct Overkill Records from Seattle WA. It was recorded in March of 1993 at Why Me? Studios. The bonus demo tracks are from 1990.

NO ESCAPE "Just Accept It" CD + bonus demo tracks

1. Falling
2. Just Accept It
3. Bed of Nails
4. Left Hanging
5. No Question
6. Time Bomb
7. Downtime
8. Framework
9. Guilty
10. No
***BONUS - Demo 1990***
11. Falling
12. Thread
13. Blind
14. Search
15. Guilty

UPDATE: xYosefx requested that I put up scans of the full Gatekeeper Demo that was posted last April. So here you go man... hope they are good enough.
Insert side 1 - Insert side 2


Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

This band was the shit. I'm annoyed to this day that they didn't throw on the songs from the Turning Point split and the "Rebuilding" comp as bonus cuts as well to make this a full discography. "Silenced" from that comp was their finest hour. Fuckin' killer at their best...

xmetalmikex said...

whats weird is my friends band the helm covered "framework" the other night. And the only person who knew lyrics was the singer of himsa who used to sing for undertow.

kimpunkrock said...

thanks for posting this. I use to have that CD years ago. It was one of my favs back in the day. I was so stoked when I saw it included here. Thanks for the memories once again.

mikeD said...

this brings me back to Chuck Millers house in Ocean City.
listening to old demos in Steve's room while he was at work.
you can here much of the "era" in these songs...Quicksand,Burn, Turning Point, even Janes addiction and Living Color.

thanks posting this.

Anonymous said...

who is this and what were you doing in my room?!?


mikeD said...

chuck let anyone sleep over and pack Temperance mailings.
and listen to records...and offered to play every demo in the house.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Please reupload this release!