Apr 8, 2007

DMIZE "Backlash" CD

This is for anyone who has never heard these classic NYHC tracks featuring members who later went on to be in Madball & 25 Ta Life. There are a few different recordings featured here that are quite different but uniquely amazing in their own ways. I first heard Dmize from their track "Soul Search" featured on the East Coast Assault compilation. It took me a few years to track down this CD bootleg released by the infamous Lost & Found Records but I knew that I had to have it.

Aversionline.com did a write up on Dmize a few years back so I'm not going to comment much, I just wanted to make it available to true fans of historic heavy hardcore. Definitely read Andrew's post on the record and check out the comments because a few of the band members even contributed some info. CLICK HERE TO READ AVERSIONLINE

DMIZE "Backlash" CD bootlegged by Lost & Found Records
1. Intro
2. Backlash
3. Feeling Inside
4. Nation
5. Us
6. No Way Out
7. Soul Search
8. The Dawn
9. Misery
10. Trapped
11. From Reality
12. Short End