May 6, 2009

BROTHER'S KEEPER "discography"

I recently posted this on the Brother's Keeper facebook page. I could go on for hours with stories about touring, recording, writing songs, etc... We had a good run and I was always proud of what we did despite all of the criticism we received. so I figured with all of the wicked 90s nostalgia going on I'd put this stuff out there for people to check out in case they missed it.

For photos, fliers, and the BK CD/7"/LP pressing discography go to:

"So apparently we (the actual members of Brother's Keeper) do not have the right to upload songs to the Myspace audio player. The songs I add get removed and I get a warning stating that if i upload more I could be kicked off of Myspace. Awesome, I only spent almost ten years of my life in the band and co-writing the music with the other guys. That's a great feeling to feel like the music you created isn't even yours.

So anyway, to anyone who has ever been interested in hearing or owning our music, here it is i its entirety. Everything from the first recordings, ever CD, 7", split, cover song, and our last demos... it's all in here. Enjoy." - EMS

Discography Volume 1 includes: Foreverneverending LP (all of our early stuff), The Continuum LP, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy EP, Sweet Revenge EP.

Discography Volume 2 includes: Fantasy Killer LP, Five Hits From Hell (Misfits Cover) EP, Oxymoron (Split w/ Disembodied) EP, Box Office Smash EP, a few covers (Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies), 2 other unreleased demo tracks, 1 unfinished instrumental song (when we were recording "Fantasy Killer" the tape machine (yes pre-digital) well it went nuts and in the middle of the song the tape ripped in half when Brian McTernan tried to manually stop it. So we never properly recorded it or finished it. This version was a demo of the music), and a our final 3 song recording.