Jun 28, 2008

OPTION "Not Forgotten" Demo Cassette

Looks like listening to these old tracks got some other old heads excited about the mighty Option! Check out Jimmy Buttons as they just posted Options earlier "Not Forgotten" Demo from 1991. It's a little more crude sounding but listening to it now I can tell it had an influence on some of my bands from this era. Good times man, great demo. Thanx Jimmy for the post!


Jimmy Buttons "Option" post

Jun 10, 2008

OPTION "1993 Demo" CASS

Option were without a doubt one of my favorite PA hardcore bands in the early and mid nineties. Their demo was the first item I had mail ordered from VERY DISTRO and I remember my first listen. I'm guessing it was either 1991 or 92. I later caught them live at a festival in Wilkesbarre (their home town area) featuring a pre- "All Out War" 7" era Earth Crisis among many other great bands. All of the bands from that fest are still frequently listened to today. Option had a great heavy yet melodic touch to them, an energetic live show, and a good attitude. I went on to get to know some of the guys and hang out with them a bunch in the mid 90s and I always felt like this band deserved to be a lot more well known than they were. I think they put out like 4 or so demo tapes, a bunch of compilation tracks, and a 7". All of which had superb songs on them. For that era and all of our ages they just always seemed to be exceptional musicians. I always envied that about them. I have most of their back catalog so I'll be putting it up from time to time as I get the chance to turn them into mp3s. I couldn't even ball park how many times I have seen this band. It was never a disappointment. This is their 4 song demo cassette from 1993.

OPTION "1993 Demo" Cassette
Self released
1. Siblings
2. Follow
3. Search
4. Shorehead
5. Endtro

Jun 2, 2008

SUBZERO videos

"Higher Power" video

Equipment meltdown!!!

"Lionhearted" video

"Sick People" cover song