Jun 26, 2006

CANON "the solution" 7"

Canon was a short lived Philadelphia area band, Doylestown to be exact. Vegan straight edge was ascending in status throughout the hardcore scene. These youngsters picked up "Firestorm" and must have been immensely inspired by it. I had the chance to see these guys play a few times back then. I was still in highschool in central PA and would make the trip to Philly or NJ what seemed like every other weekend. Basements, firehalls, & church shows were in their glory. Up and coming local bands at this time for the 215 area were Frail and Canon (who happened to share a drummer). Both were straight edge bands with political slants but extremely different in sound.

Canon drew influences from the burgeoning Syracuse hardcore scene. At times they remind me of Earth Crisis, Green Rage, and what Morning Again would later go on to do. Their live shows were decent and the kids seemed into what they were doing. After a locally distributed demo word on the street was they had a 7" coming out soon. I remember that this 7" took quite some time to be released, like almost a year or so. It was on Chapter Records which was ran by the same guy who did Fade In mailorder. Many people were starting to talk about their sketchy dealings and lack of responsibility & organization. After many months the 7" finally saw the light of day and at the time, the slick glossy 7" sleeve was real impressive.

I'm not too sure how long after the 7" came out that the band broke up or as to why they did. I would have been interested to hear more that came from them. The title track "The Solution" lyrically is something that I have always felt is overlooked in the straight edge scene, promiscuous sex. So having always adhered to this level of responsibility myself I was and still am glad that bands touch(ed) on these subjects. Now whether or not they back these lyrics up is another thing. I'd be real curious to know how many from Canon are indeed still vegan and still straight edge, but that really makes no difference to me. They released a solid 7" and put on a good live set and have a place in my memories from 1994-95.

CANON "The Solution" 7" recorded Nov 1994
Released on Chapter Records
1. "Self Destruct"
2. "The Solution"
3. "Declaration"
4. "Into the Fire"

Jun 18, 2006

FAHRENHEIT 451 "the thought of it"

Fahrenheit 451 were another NY band that had that smooth groove. I don't know if it can all be traced back to Beyond or really where this sound started. There's just something way more diverse about a lot of these bands from that area and time frame. Bands didn't seem like they were just trying to write the heaviest breakdown, the cliche sing alongs, or the standard fast part. These NY bands just did their own thing.

F 451 are another one of these gems. There's plenty of blanks that I need filled in on this band and it seems like the people reading this blog do an amazing job of educating me and everyone else who reads it. So other than a few of these guys doing some stints with District 9 & maybe Vision I'm not really sure what else these guys had been up to.

I started searching the web for stuff about F 451 and it's kind of crazy I decided to feature them. Why? Well it looks like they are playing a show in a matter of weeks! Apparently they are releasing a discography CD along with a DVD and are playing a one time show. You can find more about that on their myspace page.

Here I am featuring 2 tracks from their CDep "The Thought Of It" which was released by Striving For Togetherness. Apparently every song they ever recorded will be on the discograpy but you can still pick up "The Thought Of It" from Very Distro. In fact, if you order from Very Distro and put the word "COREGASM" in your comments section upon checkout, you will receive 10% off of your whole order! Pretty sweet.

Click here to purchase their CD from Very Distro for only $4.98!!!
Fahrenheit 451 on Myspace

1. "Shift"
2. "Blind"

Sara the vocalist from Terrorcake (a band who I have always been searching for more stuff from) somehow found the blog and posted some quick info. Looks like she's working on compiling all of their stuff and will be putting it online. She also posted a link to a website that still has their one 7" along with the Albany compilation that I had featured a little while back. Pretty cool. I just ordered my Terrorcake 7", can't wait to hear it. I've only been looking for this for like 10+ years.

Click here to read more

Jun 15, 2006

now selling PITTBULL cds

Disconnected Records were cool enough to do a little trade with us and we are now carrying the awesome Pittbull "Very Worst of..." CD that I featured a few weeks back. This damn thing has 22 tracks on it! Well worth it and I'm selling it for only $7!!!!! You will not find it that cheap anywhere. Get it while supplies last:

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