Apr 21, 2006

v/a THIS TOWN WE OWN an Albany, NY Compilation

In the early '90s one of my favorite records stores was It's Only Rock And Roll located in Lemoyne, PA. I would go there and buy just about anything that I had somewhat heard of, or the band thanked other good bands I liked, or hell even if the cover looked "punk or hardcore". This was one of those instances.

I had a 7" from Intent and had also heard some of Substances stuff so I picked up this comp. It has a nice mix of punk and hardcore bands from the albany area. Ranging from bands that sound like they could be on Dischord Records (Glee Club, Intent) to the harshness of Substance, and then you have the unique Terrorcake track that I absolutely love. I always wished I could find more songs from Terrorcake but over the past 15+ years have not been successful. Anyway, enjoy the comp, I definitely did. Released by RAKE Records.

1. TERRORCAKE "Intricate"
2. GLEE CLUB "Diafraggem"
3. INTENT "Flaw"
4. SUBSTANCE "Thorn In My Side"
5. VERTEBRAE "Jittery City"


Jesus_Jones said...

Oh man, great tracks. The Terrorcake track is incredible!

Anonymous said...

hey...sarah from terrorcake here...i'm working on compiling all of the terrorcake stuff that did and did not get released and pressing/uploading it.
i'll keep you posted.
you can get the first terrorcake 7" at this link:


and there's a couple of cd compilations we were on that are floating around out there.

but i'll get it all out one way or another soon...plus a live recording from a CMJ in 93 or 94 or something.

okay...gotta go.



Hirsinger Youth said...

The core of INTENT went on to play in MONSTER X and DEVOID OF FAITH. They had 2 "' s and a split 7" and many comp. songs. Just for info.

drunkleou@yahoo.com said...

I am pretty sure if I don't get a copy of "Pills & Poinsettias" soon I am going to throw my self in front of a CDTA bus...this suck! My tape died...damnit! If you have a copy to sell pelase email me...


Josi Bunder said...

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saracake said...

terrorcake songs are up on soundcloud now: https://soundcloud.com/terrorcake/sets/jumbo-jet-star-ep-pills-poinsettias-cassette