Apr 21, 2006


In 1996 I released the final issue of Surprise Attack Fanzine. In that issue I interviewed an awesome band from Japan called Switch Style who had a real Strife meets Refused sound going. They were super nice guys and put out awesome music. They were supposed to release an EP on Life Setence Records but that never happened for who knows what reason. This is their 7" released on a Japanese label called HG Fact records (#41), I think it's pretty sweet. If anyone has info on what happened to this band and if any of the members went on to form newer bands let a cracka know.

1. "Pass"
2. "Distance"
3. "We Just Testify"
4. "Why Can We Hate?"


masterkiller said...

This one's good too !

Thanks again for the discover !

xbenx said...

Yeah good shit ems, as I have stated numerous times before, japanese hXc is tha shit 4 real ;0)

Ed said...

Wow, I totally forgot about this band until this post.

After this 7", they became a 3-piece and put out a 6 song ep I think called "... into Infinity" which was absolute killer in 1997, but then after that went off playing emo. I remember when they came up with the following album (can't remember the title... I think I have the LP at home) I saw the advertisement on a billboard in Tokyo. I think they put out 3 more releases after the aforementioned ep, but I totally lost track after 2002.

gus said...

@Ed: man.. rip some stuff please.. i will like to grab "... into Infinity"