Feb 22, 2008


Well I have this platform so I might as well use it...

My new band SMOKE AND MIRRORS has just posted 2 songs from our debut EP "Fire Ashes Phoenix Rising" on myspace. You can check them out here... www.myspace.com/smokeandmirrors814

Feb 6, 2008


Coregasm got a great response to the HALF MAN post I did a week or so ago so I figured I'd post some other really good NYHC bands. Not really the typical youth crew Revelation NYHC you would think of (not that there's anything wrong with that!). This stuff is raw, ugly, and punk as fuck. Fast and with a tinge of crustiness... and boy do I love it. The bass sounds so distorted on the Conniption tracks and the singer has such a burly voice. Scapegrace just have this awesome vibe going with so much attitude and a bit more of a noisy, discordant, melodic guitar style with screeching vocals. Just check it all out for yourself and see what you think. I've included the other half to the HALF MAN split that was mentioned last week. Enjoy. - EMS

All 3 x 7"s listed can be downloaded here:

Released by Reek Havoc & 01811 Records #002
1. Scapegrace - Crumbs of Crumbs
2. Scapegrace - Smokescreen
3. Conniption - Perverse Creation
4. Conniption - Negative Charge
5. Conniption - Culture of Hate
6. Conniption - Profane

Released by Reek Havoc & 01811 Records #001
(Half Man tracks posted below 1 week ago)
1. Conniption - Gun Shy... and Hammer Down
2. Conniption - Contaminated
3. Conniption - Hopeless at 21

I also added the following (since it's so good) in the zip folder:
SCAPEGRACE "Plead" 7" (taken from their myspace page so it's not the best quality but still a great listen)
Side A: Suck the Dead / One Moment
Side B: Prayer / Sleepwalk