Feb 22, 2008


Well I have this platform so I might as well use it...

My new band SMOKE AND MIRRORS has just posted 2 songs from our debut EP "Fire Ashes Phoenix Rising" on myspace. You can check them out here... www.myspace.com/smokeandmirrors814


ex-X R. said...

I just found this blog and I'm quite excited about it. I got Surprise Attack #2 by airmail 13 (14?) years ago, all the way from Erie to my little mailbox in Israel.
Just downloading some of the albums you posted here makes so nostalgic.

It's great to listen to Smoke and Mirrors and to learn that some HC old-skooooolers are still into givin' banality a good kick in the head.
I'm not a sXe anymore, but when I play some Earth Crisis I can definitely destroy the machines.

keep on giving us those awesome nostalgic trips and stay, well, um, yea, true.
Thanks for doing it!

CYST said...

Solid stuff.

Mike said...

Good shit, EMS.

blend77 said...

Thanks EMS, i was by your page a week or two ago. Good to hear the new band!

Do you ever talk with Mike Scoville? I'd like to get in touch with him to find a mutual friend.

Valter said...

good stuff ... greeting from Slovenia