Oct 30, 2006

TRUE BLUE set list from 2001

TRUE BLUE were an awesome hardcore band from Europe with a great mix of The Icemen meets Bad Brains with a German vocal flair. I really enjoyed their stuff and was fortunate for my band to play with them in Europe. I also got to see them in the U.S. as well. This was their set list from one of our Euro shows together and their singer Patrick (who now runs Reaper Records out of Syracuse NY) signed it at the bottom as well as "signing" it for their drummer Rene (who is now in World Collapse).

Oct 25, 2006


I saw this video on the bands myspace page and knew I had to repost it. This MA band had such a unique sound of Kiss meets sludgy hardcore played by punk & metal dudes, it was just awesome. It just shows you that during that era you could really do whatever you wanted and all walks of the music scene would accept it. You can hear some of their MP3s on their myspace page as well. I strongly recommend it. You can also pick up the recently reissued 2 cd set on Century Media @ Surprise Attack Records Webstore.

Oct 24, 2006

CANON "the solution" 7" - inserts / lyrics

It seems like a bunch of people were stoked I posted Canon's "The Solution" 7" awhile back. I received a request for the lyrics for those so I figured if I'm going to take the time to scan them I might as well post them for everyone. So here you go, here's the Canon 7" inserts.

Side 1 - Side 2 - Hardline Disclaimer

Oct 23, 2006

SHOCKWAVE pictures

I was looking through some old stuff tonight and came across a handful of really old pictures of Erie's favorite Transformer / GI Joe loving hardcore group, SHOCKWAVE.

This pic is from their first show ever. It took place at the Harborcreek YMCA most likely in 1997. Their demo was all ready out at that time.

I'm pretty sure Shockwave played this show as a surprise guest. Another Victim also canceled this show because they couldn't wait one more day to kick out their bassist. It took place at IQ Records in Erie PA. Jan 3rd 1998.

Jan 3rd 1998:

This flyer is for their "Warpath" 7" / Cassette release show in Erie, PA which took place at Ace Auctioneers in Erie PA. April 4th 1998.

Pics from the release show April 4th 1998:

Oct 19, 2006

FEEBLE "self titled" 7"

Pennsylvania's East Stroudsburg punk/hardcore band FEEBLE played a great mid nineties mix of energetic punk along the lines of Avail blended with a little bit of an Oi! flavor to it. It was upbeat and even had a bunch of quirky little lead guitar work in the songs very indicative of mid nineties punk like Lagwagon or Nofx. Their singer Jotham Oliver has a nice gruff but slightly melodic twist to his vocals giving their songs that anthemic feel to them.

Now if you didn't immediately recognize that name maybe you have heard of what he goes by in his current records, Mad Joe Black. That might ring a bell for anyone who knows of my favorite bringers of the Thug Rock BOXCUTTER as well as one of my favorite hardcore bands that have been pounding the streets lately, WISDOM IN CHAINS. He's even spent some time playing bass in OUT TO WIN. Yup, it's the same guy only a decade later. And you can definitely tell in his delivery where his current styles have come from.

There's brief explanations of the songs in the liner notes which are very reminiscent of the time. Anyone who grew up in Eastern / Central PA during the mid and early 90s hardcore scene can definitely relate to songs like "Myself":

"This was written after a couple of Nazis harassed our singer at a mall and we asked the question "Why does everyone put up with this..."

Or the obligatory song bashing hippies as in the song aptly titled "Hippies". They also have the track "No Sense" on a personal reflection about a friend who would change identities often:

"This song is about a kid we knew who convinced everybody he was for real but then became a "gangsta" followed closely by his sudden overnight change into a tie die wearing hippie." Man, Jotham really doesn't seem to be a fan of hippies huh?

After not hearing this 7" for so long I got a good chuckle out of the track "Anthem" which mind you is over 10 years old. The song goes on to talk about a kid they knew:

"We once met a kid who lied, stole, who claimed he was Mr. vegan straight edge while eating KFC & drinking Jose Cuervo he also claimed to be "Core to da bone" while lying and stealing from friends and family. This song is about him."

Ironically enough, judging by the last name in the song and the references to "Or we'll send you back to Cherry Hill" leads me to assume this song is about the same person who was one of the organizers and part of last years debacle known as Hellfest. You know, the fest which was was turned into a media seeking prostitute and canceled the week it was supposed to happen. Said person also being arrested while driving the hellfest bus around in the parking lot of the venue in protest. I guess that dude has had his share of problems throughout the years with people because not every average joe can get a whole song written about him! Did anyone actually ever get their money refunded from them for Hellfest tickets?

Anyway, this is a great 7" not only just because Mad Joe Black is still an active member of the PAHC scene, but the songs are catchy and a good listen. Did any of these other guys go on to be in other bands?

Feeble: Jotham Oliver - vocals, Mike Borrasso - guitar, Evan Ivkovich - guitar, Simon Oliver - bass, Keith Yosco - drums.

FEEBLE 7" released on Stirling Records 1996

1. No Sense
2. Anthem
3. Myself
4. Hippie Song

Oct 9, 2006

EARTH CRISIS "firestorm" the demo

Earth Crisis (name taken from the reggae band Steel Pulse) really doesn't need much of an introduction. At least I would hope not. One of the leading premier Vegan Straight Edge bands that took the professionalism and ethics of hardcore to another level. The band many love to hate, but just as equally, many love to call their favorites.

Here you will find 8 tracks recorded sometime between the "All Out War" Ep and the "Firestorm" Ep. I'm not sure if this is what they sent to Victory to help land their deal with them or not. A few of these songs never saw the light of day on anything else, and a few would wind up on later recordings. I love the sense of urgency in these recordings. It's a little sloppier than you're used to hearing ExC but you can just tell that they were onto something new and exciting for the time.

I couldn't even ball park how many times I saw this band from 1993 on up. I would travel to any show within 6 hours to see them. Every time I loved it. I received my first and only (unintentional) black eye during an Earth Crisis set at the Turning Point reunion in NJ. I also busted my hand over some (deserving) guys face during one of their sets in Pittsburgh PA which resulted in an emergency room visit. All in all though I still have respect for these guys and what they were doing. I'm not the best at reciting lyrics for bands but put some Earth Crisis on and watch out. The lyrics to "Forged in the Flames" are some of the best Straight Edge lyrics ever written in my opinion. After all of these years they still ring true to me.

"Forged in the flames of chaos. Hammered by trials to tempered steel. Convictions, tried and tested, onto a razor's edge, that's true and real. Wrought between the hammer and the anvil, strengthened to never break. The weakness that surrounds is the evil that I forsake. Never have I taken in vain the sacred vessel of my soul. I am the master of my faith, my destiny I control. Nobility lies in actions, corrections where once was wrong. Ascension from evil with a heart that's true and strong. Through this veil of shadows, the light of truth is my only guide. A knight unyielding. To the X I'm crucified." - lyrics to Forged in the Flames

The recording has a little bit of trebly hiss to it but overall it's great archival material. Enjoy.

The file is zipped into a sendspace file as our server still hasn't been fully set up for coregasm. Thanx for listening.

EARTH CRISIS - "firestorm" demo recordings
1. Behind the Mask
2. Forced To Kill
3. Firestorm
4. Ecocide
5. Forged in the Flames / The Order
6. Goddess of Death
7. Knight of Justice
8. In a Time of Strife