Oct 25, 2006


I saw this video on the bands myspace page and knew I had to repost it. This MA band had such a unique sound of Kiss meets sludgy hardcore played by punk & metal dudes, it was just awesome. It just shows you that during that era you could really do whatever you wanted and all walks of the music scene would accept it. You can hear some of their MP3s on their myspace page as well. I strongly recommend it. You can also pick up the recently reissued 2 cd set on Century Media @ Surprise Attack Records Webstore.


Tre Till Death said...

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn that they had an actual video video. Jonah Jenkins (vocalist) did a long guest spot on a song on the new Converge record.

TobiasTTD said...

Great band. I'd like to check out the remaining demo tracks that are mentioned on the band's myspace site.

eddie said...

I like all the bands that Jonah has been in. Miltown, Milligram and most recently, Raw Radar War.

Dude definitely has done some great things.

Edwin said...

Tre, maybe you are referring to the video for Bad Blood?

And yeah, OLW was amazing... Glad I saw em on their European tours (with Cro-Mags & Leeway).

Pim said...

I love OLW, already knew about the video but this still is a great post. Just watching it again and again :)

Great band.