Mar 31, 2008

We're all friends at the Unisound!

Mailers from 1992. Unisound club in Reading PA.

"Just Look Around" tour. SOIA still had the long haired dude on bass! I even had Pete & Lou sign the black and white posters they were giving out. They told me they felt really silly but I insisted. In fact, I still look up to Sick Of It All. I just saw them last month and they played just as awesome over 16 years later. Not too many bands that I can say that about.

You might recognize the band name NEW SCHOOL as they were featured in an earlier post.

Mar 26, 2008

TOE TAG "s/t" 7"

Solid old style hate filled hardcore from Boston Mass. I just remember reading their name in a fanzine and knew I'd like them, not to mention Nemesis records had a nice back catalog. Does anyone know where I can actually find any pressing info on Nemesis records? I couldn't find anything on the web as far as a discography.

Toe Tag was: Mike Cahill - Vocals, Bruce Windom & Jerry Kyn - Guitar, Keith Arcari - Bass, Rich Fortin - Drums. This 7" still stands the test of time. Only complaint is there is no lyric sheet. Song titles like "H.I.V." & "Pro Lifer" make me want to read more!

TOE TAG "self titled" 7" red vinyl
Released on Nemesis Records #48
1. H.I.V.
2. Tight Rope
3. Dillinger
4. Pro Lifer