Mar 31, 2008

We're all friends at the Unisound!

Mailers from 1992. Unisound club in Reading PA.

"Just Look Around" tour. SOIA still had the long haired dude on bass! I even had Pete & Lou sign the black and white posters they were giving out. They told me they felt really silly but I insisted. In fact, I still look up to Sick Of It All. I just saw them last month and they played just as awesome over 16 years later. Not too many bands that I can say that about.

You might recognize the band name NEW SCHOOL as they were featured in an earlier post.


Anonymous said...

Option thats fucking awsome

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the up coming Biohazard reunion yet.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing that SOIA show like it was yesterday.... "Hey Jake.. where's the FreeziePops!?!?".

- DoubleA - NSU

Elliott said...

Lace checks for boots!

John said...

Yep, I was at both of those shows and I still have that free SoiA poster.

Do you have anything from Option? I remember them being really entertaining... as was SWAT.

Jon said...

hey guys, we're trying to get the reading scene going on and would really like to get as much info about the older days as we can. We're starting a zine and really put stuff in about the old reading shows, any help would be awesome