Nov 10, 2007


If you listen closely to track 5 on this CD you'll notice it was also featured on the Voice of Thousands Compilation we just posted. I always thought that was one of the more original songs on the comp and found this CD lying around in my collection. Looking back this band seemed kind of ahead of their time. It's got a nice mix of the rawness of a lot of early hardcore, screamo, crust type bands like early Ebullition stuff but it also has elements of solid heavy hardcore like Inside Out meets Downcast. Who knows?... maybe I'm talking out my ass. Either way these guys could actually play their instruments and we're on what seems to be their own level. A lot of it is mid tempo and has interesting and intriguing guitar riffs as well as a cool sense of heavy melody and lots of predominant bass work. Members were from notable bands such as Amenity (also on VOT comp), Heroin, Pitchfork, and a slew of others. I believe that the band themselves had a lot to do with releasing their own records in true DIY form. This CD features a range of songs throughout 1990-91 and a few different recording sessions. All of which are an enjoyable listen and I can hear a lot of elements and musical approaches that popular contemporary bands are using right now.

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FORCED DOWN "Mortal" 19 song CD
Released on Downside / Vinyl Communications (VC-45)