Feb 5, 2010

Out Of Hand "Practice Tape 1990"

Somehow I wound up with a blank tape simply labeled “Out Of Hand Practice Tape 1990”. It sat in my collection for probably 10+ years until I finally checked it out. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded! Obviously it's a little rough around the edges as it sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track and it's a good 20 years old now! I had previously released a song of theirs on the Erie Scene Report compilation Surprise Attack Records put out in 1996 and always really liked their song on there. To me it also represented a part of Erie Hardcore history in its early years. - EMS

Lead singer Ben Frazier did us the honor of answering a few questions about the band.

Years of bands existence: 1990.

Band members:
Ben Frazier - Vocals
Roger Hurlburt - Guitar
Brian Rieger - Lead Guitar
Mike Ski - Bass
Steve Rieger - Drums

Releases / year released:
S/T Demo, 1990

I joined the band under pretty odd circumstances -- Rob Whipple was the band's original singer, but a few weeks before the first show, he told the guys he couldn't make it because of an out-of-town hockey tournament he was playing in. The other guys kind of put their feelers out for another singer, but in the meantime had decided to play the show anyway, with Mike, Roger and Brian trading off instruments and each taking turns signing the songs each had written. A few days before the first show, I was talking on the phone with Mike — being the opportunistic jerk that I am, I volunteered myself for the position. (Mike and I had played together in a very short-lived project that never left his basement, along with Dan Parry and Gary Braunns.) Someone got the idea that I should just audition on stage at the show by singing the Raw Deal cover, so that's what we did. The show had a really great turnout (it was a "First Anniversary" show at the Continental), and we went over really well. At the end of the set, people were yelling for more, but the guys didn't have anything else to play. So they called me back up and we played the Raw Deal cover a second time. It was a blast, and the rest is history.

Why did the band break up?

If I remember correctly, the Rieger brothers felt as though the band was taking up too much of their time. They went in to the project with a "just for fun" attitude, and as we started playing more and more shows, I think they felt as though it was taking too much away from their full-time metal band, Talon. They broke the news to the rest of the band just before playing a basement show at Tim Scott's house in Harborcreek. I showed up late and missed the announcement, and when I got there, just went up to Roger, who just started talking about starting a new band, etc. I was pretty confused. The split was amicable, though, and we agreed to play one last show at the Continental. A few months after that, we did an impromptu reunion (again at the Continental) during a Face Value / Endpoint show when we were all in attendance.

Did members join other bands?

Mike started Mean Season with Tim Stinedurf, Roger formed Antagonist (pka Wayward) with Jason Hoderny and Shawn Rekitt, and I formed Last Man Standing with Jim Beveridge.

DOWNLOAD the 11 song practice tape here.