Feb 11, 2007

DISSOLVE "s/t" 7"

If you liked the Dissolve tracks on the “Over the Edge” CD compilation I posted a few weeks back look no further as I have more treats for you. This Poughkeepsie, NY band made some pretty interesting music. The music had weird elements, influences, and time signatures not unlike Deadguy / Kiss It Goodbye mixed with some Bloodlet and at times they even remind me of a more metallic Econochrist for some weird reason... but the vocal delivery was totally different than those bands. (I know people are going to hate those comparisons). It would be an understatement to say that the raw passion and emotion that singer Paul Thorstenson puts forth was intense. I liked the songs on the “Over the Edge” comp so much that right after I got that CD I sought out their 2 song 7” that was also released on Endless Fight Records around 1994. The mp3s are a little rough sounding but both songs have some amazing parts to them that make me want to smash through my desk and stand up just giving the middle finger to any person walking past my window. Listen to the lyrics on “Sandcastle”, they’re right up my alley.

Dissolve started in 1991 and never really officially broke up. According to their myspace bio they recorded an album entitled “Caveman of the Future” scheduled to be released on MIA records. If any of you were around at that time you’ll remember that the same label featured Candiria, Darkest Hour, and Disassociate and that the label abruptly folded and ceased all operations, leaving all of the bands hanging out to dry. The Dissolve album was sadly never released. (Man I’d love to get my hands on that!). “As fate would have it, this never happened. Day jobs, distance, and side projects began to take precedence resulting in a hiatus from touring for Dissolve. While the band never broke up, gigs tailed off and performing stopped. The band went into a kind of hibernation.” They did play a show in 2004 & another one in 2005.
Nevertheless check out their 1994 7” and enjoy it. I feel that their sound has stood the test of time and if they would have had the right label support and proper releases throughout their existence plenty of more people would know their name.

DISSOLVE 7" on Endless Fight Records
1. Sandblaster
2. Gabriel's Wrench

DISSOLVE on Myspace also check out their video for "Graverobber" live in Massachusetts in 2000. Click here for the video.

Feb 9, 2007

ONE KING DOWN "Absolve" CDep

One King Down was well known for their "Bloodlust Revenge" CD released on Equal Vision Records in 1997 but before that CD was the hard to find "Absolve" EP. No strangers to different line ups this CD features their 1st of 3 singers featured on recordings. Absolve kicks in hard with their signature "ONE KING DOWN!!!" sing along & set opener.

Many people will remember OKD more so for their touring and performances with Rob Fusco on vocals but this EP is still a great listen. However Bill Brown still had a strong presence on this CD giving One King Down an even harder, tough edge to their sound. It's a nice mix of contemporaries of the time like Victory Records all stars Snapcase & Earth Crisis mixed with a good amount of influences from the Albany / Troy hardcore scene for instance local heroes Stigmata.

The core of the band, brothers Bill & Michael Scoville on guitar and bass, Derrick VanWie on drums and Matt Wood on 2nd guitar were all highly proficient players of their instruments. I loved that OKD weren't afraid to slow things down and have the songs kind of plod along in a heavy rocked out fashion. I'm a sucker for mid tempo songs. Listen to some of those guitar riffs and transitions. Not too bad considering how young they were at the time.

I'm not really sure why vocalist Bill Brown left after this EP but they definitely went on to do a lot more down the road. In 1997 One King Down & Brother's Keeper did a full US tour together and I got to know them pretty well. We definitely had a good time on the road together even if we did hide cups full of human feces inside their van only to awaken the next day to shit smeared all over our front window, windshield wipers, and underneath the door handles. It was gnarly... Unfortunately at one point in the tour I had to fly home due to a death in the family. Mike from OKD was nice enough to learn 7 BK songs on bass in one night and filled in for a few dates until I flew back out and caught up with the guys.

It was a 5 week full US tour and I remember after our last show which was in Pittsburgh, PA, OKD were going to come back to Erie and crash at my apartment before heading back to Albany. Once we arrived home I quickly realized that my place had been broken into while we were on tour and it had been burglarized. OKD rolled up and saw me outside with the police and we're just kind of like "What the fuck happened?" The bastards stole my original nintendo but didn't take the power adapter, idiots! Oh well, such is life.

Derrick VanWie went on to play drums in The Promise for many years, Mike Scoville even got a chance to audition for the Foo Fighters at one point, Rob Fusco has been seen wearing scarves while playing chess at shows and can be found singing for Most Precious Blood these days, and some of the OKD crew have been working hard at Equal Vision Records for many years now.

ONE KING DOWN "Absolve" CD TRK 003
released on Trainwreck Records in 1995, recorded in Aug '94 @ Max Trax Studios.

1. Nine Eyes
2. Bleeding
3. Reawakened
4. The Killing Fields

One King Down & Brother's Keeper in front of my apt in Erie, PA 1997.