Feb 11, 2007

DISSOLVE "s/t" 7"

If you liked the Dissolve tracks on the “Over the Edge” CD compilation I posted a few weeks back look no further as I have more treats for you. This Poughkeepsie, NY band made some pretty interesting music. The music had weird elements, influences, and time signatures not unlike Deadguy / Kiss It Goodbye mixed with some Bloodlet and at times they even remind me of a more metallic Econochrist for some weird reason... but the vocal delivery was totally different than those bands. (I know people are going to hate those comparisons). It would be an understatement to say that the raw passion and emotion that singer Paul Thorstenson puts forth was intense. I liked the songs on the “Over the Edge” comp so much that right after I got that CD I sought out their 2 song 7” that was also released on Endless Fight Records around 1994. The mp3s are a little rough sounding but both songs have some amazing parts to them that make me want to smash through my desk and stand up just giving the middle finger to any person walking past my window. Listen to the lyrics on “Sandcastle”, they’re right up my alley.

Dissolve started in 1991 and never really officially broke up. According to their myspace bio they recorded an album entitled “Caveman of the Future” scheduled to be released on MIA records. If any of you were around at that time you’ll remember that the same label featured Candiria, Darkest Hour, and Disassociate and that the label abruptly folded and ceased all operations, leaving all of the bands hanging out to dry. The Dissolve album was sadly never released. (Man I’d love to get my hands on that!). “As fate would have it, this never happened. Day jobs, distance, and side projects began to take precedence resulting in a hiatus from touring for Dissolve. While the band never broke up, gigs tailed off and performing stopped. The band went into a kind of hibernation.” They did play a show in 2004 & another one in 2005.
Nevertheless check out their 1994 7” and enjoy it. I feel that their sound has stood the test of time and if they would have had the right label support and proper releases throughout their existence plenty of more people would know their name.

DISSOLVE 7" on Endless Fight Records
1. Sandblaster
2. Gabriel's Wrench

DISSOLVE on Myspace also check out their video for "Graverobber" live in Massachusetts in 2000. Click here for the video.


Buske DNA said...

You failed to mention the "Dismantle" CD that came out on Elevator Records (I believe). That was/is a highly slept on release from that whole early "metalcore" genre.

Paul and one of the later bass players did a new band that Another Victim played in Springfield, Mass with. The name has slipped my mind, but that too was really good.

Dude has amazing lyrics. Definitely check out the "Dismantle" record.

blend77 said...

hey dude, your blog is the shit.
i grew up during this time, listening to all this stuff and skateboarding in westchester, ny.

i actually knew mike scoville and those guys up in albany too. its been a while since ive seen alot of this stuff and it brings back good memories.

i used to own that Over The Edge comp with the tough guy Shift song...

keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for all the One King Down and all the other albums you've uploaded. This shit is great! Anyway I'll most definitely be coming back to check out what you've got more often.

xbojanx said...

This is one of the 7 inches I got from people like - this is for you, vegan metal edge :)))

It's great...

Keep up with good work, thanx for all you have posted, put up some Brother's Keeper demos ;)

And if you have Against All Hope first 7inch..

XemonerdX said...

That Dissolve 7" is one of my all-time faves... Incredible stuff, on all accounts... Also have a demo of theirs and the Dismantle CD, both of which are awesome too... Severaly underrated band.

bleep_bloop said...

do you have any more stuff by Dissolve? and/or what bands would you suggest if i really dig what you posted. i love the rhythm section on these two recordings, it's so powerful.

Anonymous said...

hey um, caveman of the future, the whole thing at 160kbps - http://www.mediafire.com/?3dmlg1tdmyv


john torn said...

Just found your blog. Great work. Dissolve is one of my alltime favourite hardcore bands. The 7" and the early comp tracks (Over The Edge, Psycho Civilized) and the demos are great, but the Dismantle EP is one of the best recordings of anybody, ever. I still listen to it frequently and the music and lyrics still make my blood boil. From 1996/1997ish on, I didn't miss a single show these guys played anywhere. One of the best live bands ever, for sure.
The songs on Caveman of the Future are terrific, but I've always thought the recording is a little flat. Oh well.
Buske - Paul and Chuck's other band is called Devil May Care. Everyone from Devil May Care besides Paul is in a band now called Knives Wide Open, which features original Withdrawn vocalist Jordan Stone, last I heard. Interestingly, Paul once replaced Jordan in Withdrawn.
There was also a very limited (100 copies) demo that was sold on a weekend they did with Dismay and Blood Has Been Shed in July of 1998. It was their first string of shows (besides Hellfest) with final drummer Todd Gukelberger, but the recording was actually made earlier that year with Chris from Devil May Care on drums. The songs were Exterminatrix and Explodotron, and we copied them on Dan Wick's boombox in my van on the way to the shows (I think Dissolve's vehicle had shit the bed, so all of their gear and I think Dismay's gear was in my van).
And the "Graverobber EP," which was the last four songs they had written, but an earlier recording than Caveman of the Future. It was on CD-R's.
Also, Rebirth of Thought demo (1991?), "demo 93" (later released with a red cassette in 1997), and some other comps.
This was the first hardcore 7" I ever got.
*song title is Sandblaster

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to get in touch with Jordan Stone? Knew him back in the day.

Unknown said...

Link is dead. Could you please fix it? thx!!