Sep 29, 2010

Pailhead "Trait" E.P.

The follow information was taken from Wikipedia since it sums everything up well:

"Pailhead was a short-lived side project of the industrial metal band Ministry, which featured Ian MacKaye on vocals (formerly of The Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Skewbald/Grand Union, Embrace, and Fugazi and currently of The Evens). The band's sound was a dark combination of menacing industrial beats and hardcore punk, predating what Ministry would later do with Jello Biafra in Lard.

Considering MacKaye's inadvertent role in the establishment of the straight edge community and Al Jourgensen's legendary drug use, it was highly unexpected for them to collaborate.

Pailhead released the single "I Will Refuse" / "No Bunny" (released in both 7" and 12" formats) in 1987 and the 4-song EP Trait in 1988, both on the Wax Trax label. The CD edition of Trait also incorporates both sides of the "I Will Refuse" / "No Bunny" single. The drummer for "No Bunny" was Eric Spicer of Naked Raygun."

In 1989 I was in 8th grade and would listen to Ministry's "The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" cassette blasting in my Walkman headphones as I sullenly rode the bus to school. I loved the repetitive, grungy sounds of industrial at that time and loved me some punk rock as well. I pretty much tracked down everything I could involving Al Jourgensen and when I discovered he did a project with members of Minor Threat, my mind was blown. So I immediately ordered the CD from Black Label mailorder (I think i still have the receipt in a folder somewhere due to my collector nerdary). Upon first listen the CD did not disappoint by any means. I still pump it to this day. Hopefully it's something new for a lot of you guys to check out and appreciate. I'm pretty sure this is all they ever put out. I'd love to read an interview with Ian asking about the making of this record. If anyone has ever read him talk about this project please post a link!

I also stumbled across this youtube video of Ministry performing a Pailhead song live. Granted Ian is not there to sing it, but i still think it's cool as I didn't know they ever played those songs out. Let me know what you guys think of this stuff. - ems

PAILHEAD "Trait E.P." released 1988 on Wax Trax Records

Sep 27, 2010

New School "Hardharderhardest" CD

So I've been wanting to track down this CD forever. The CD is around 17 years old now and I'm just getting my hands on it. It's chocked full of crazy NY posturing, hip hop and hardcore. 3 things most people would run away from... not me! I love it! I'm not really sure what it says about my taste in music when you can purchase these CDs off of for only one dollar a few cents, but oh well. I'm gonna keep this short as I've posted New School's "strategy rhyme 1991" demo years and years ago. Check this stuff out if you can handle it.

New School "Hardharderhardest" CD


7 songs recorded with one of my favorites, Don Fury.  Released in 1993 on Jackson T. Bones Recordings / Dutch East.

Sep 24, 2010

Maximum Penalty "Superlife" & "Independent" CDs

With a new record out and some recent touring NYC pioneers Maximum Penalty have been receiving a well deserved rekindling of interest from younger and older kids alike. MP started getting noticed over 20 years ago with their 1989 demo. I along with many others fell in love with them due to their songs on the "Where the Wild Things Are" compilation on Blackout records. People everywhere loved singer Jim Williams unique vocals with the ability to bust out great patterns with nothing short of style. Over the years they put out a few EPs and records that in my opinion, were awesome. Many of my friends couldn't get past the song "Hate" and seemed to just want different versions of that early song. I told them they were crazy and appreciated the experimentation that MP did throughout the 90s. To me these guys embodied what I love about hardcore. Some of their songs are melodic, some have great sing a longs, some are down right moody, and other songs are poppy. The one factor that was always present with these guys though was an underlying sense of heaviness not quite in a typical way. Simply enough, it had balls and originality.

I hate to be that guy who claims to have been waving their flag over 15 years ago (which I was haha) and I'm not bitter that kids are now checking them out. In fact, I'm quite happy because I've always been one who wants to share the great bands that are slightly off the beaten path. And MP are just what the scene needed recently. The band still consists of core members / song writers including; singer Jim, guitarist Joe, & drummer Darren. They were recently joined by Buske on bass (Promise, Terror, Ragmen, Another Victim, etc...) and Rey (who i think was in Elements DEC (awesome stuff!), and One4One possibly). What a great line up. A few months back they released "Life & Times" on Reaper Records who just keep flooring me with every release. Talk about a label that's been upping the ante the past few years!

I have uploaded some of Maximum Penalty middle of the road releases here. They are from 1996-1997 and have many stand out tracks! Don't get mad if you hear a horn section here or there as those songs still kill it too. Just remember that was almost 15 years ago all ready. Enjoy.

"Independent" released in 1996 by Idjit Records.

"Superlife" released in 1997 by Gypsy records.


Maximum Penalty / Reaper Records webstore
MP on myspace: click here

Sep 19, 2010

NEW SCHOOL "live @ Club Babyhead 12-30-94" video

So stoked someone sent us this link...

For all you closet New School fans (check an old post here "Strategy Rhyme"). I want to be in a band that sounds like this so bad (sans the ponytails).