Jun 10, 2008

OPTION "1993 Demo" CASS

Option were without a doubt one of my favorite PA hardcore bands in the early and mid nineties. Their demo was the first item I had mail ordered from VERY DISTRO and I remember my first listen. I'm guessing it was either 1991 or 92. I later caught them live at a festival in Wilkesbarre (their home town area) featuring a pre- "All Out War" 7" era Earth Crisis among many other great bands. All of the bands from that fest are still frequently listened to today. Option had a great heavy yet melodic touch to them, an energetic live show, and a good attitude. I went on to get to know some of the guys and hang out with them a bunch in the mid 90s and I always felt like this band deserved to be a lot more well known than they were. I think they put out like 4 or so demo tapes, a bunch of compilation tracks, and a 7". All of which had superb songs on them. For that era and all of our ages they just always seemed to be exceptional musicians. I always envied that about them. I have most of their back catalog so I'll be putting it up from time to time as I get the chance to turn them into mp3s. I couldn't even ball park how many times I have seen this band. It was never a disappointment. This is their 4 song demo cassette from 1993.

OPTION "1993 Demo" Cassette
Self released
1. Siblings
2. Follow
3. Search
4. Shorehead
5. Endtro


alfredge said...

I love their 7"

Thanks for posting this one!!

John said...

Another Unisound favorite!

M said...

Never would have gotten a chance to hear this if you hadn't posted it, so thanks for this!

XemonerdX said...

I have the 7" which is great. At work now but looking forward to listening to this demo. Definitely do not forget to post the other ones if you can!

Anonymous said...

Im from Scranton and have seen them lots. You're right they should have been way more popular.

jimmybuttons said...

hey eric, i posted the '91 demo!! thanx for this, i never had it.

jimmybuttons said...


i guess the link would make sense, too :)

sapila said...

i've been trying to find music by this band for more than a year. thanks!

Anonymous said...

People have heard of option? I thought I was the only one! Their 7" is one of my favourite records of all time!

Anonymous said...

This is Neil,an original founding member of Option. Thanks for showing all this love. Y'all are gonna make an old man cry.

Steve Option said...

When Neil told me about this, i was honored that people still remember or care about what we were doing back in the day... thanks so much to all the people who supported us and came to our shows, the memories of you will last me a lifetime...
also, i may have an unreleased Option track called "Hindsight" that i may be able to share with you! (Just gotta figure out how to upload it...)

Steve Option

sunevil said...

That rocks you have it..
I am the original drummer,
and wish I had these tracks..
Thanks for the sweet write up and post!
Long Live the Unisound*

(aka Christopher Conway)
find me*

UnionWithTheAbsolute said...

Hi, unfortunatly the link is for the first demo not for the second one. Can you please post the second demo again?! Thanks a ton!

EMS / COREGASM said...

UnionWithTheAbsolute Fixed the link! thanx for bringing it to my attention.