Nov 22, 2006

SOULSTICE "Dark Hour" 7"

More syracuse vegan straight edge coming at you in coregasm. There seems to be no shortage of this stuff in my collection which some people will love and others will hate. This '90s hardcore band had everything going for them; they were from syracuse, had the same drummer that displayed his amazing skills in Green Rage, Guav the straight edge weapon did their logo, and Joel Jordan did their 7" layout. This 3 song 7" was recorded at Penguin Studios in January of 1994. I think it took forever to actually come out and somehow i scored one on red vinyl. Check out those freaking dive bombs in EVERY song! The band later went on to release a CD on Lifeforce records and you can still find it at Very Distro for only $4.99.

SOULSTICE "Dark Hour" 7"
Released on Scorched Earth (Stanton, NJ) in 1994
1. Turn Away
2. Blind
3. Dark Hour


Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping the 90s alive.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Ha, ha, ha, why the fuck don't I have that CD already? I gotta snag that shit for $5. What year did that fucker come out? This shit is way metal, and you know I love that, heh... Man, I DO miss the 90's, I can't believe I'm saying that... but it's true as hell.

Count Agranoff said...

My god the Divebombs. That is the only thing that seperates soltice is that they had some of the best divebombs in the vegan mosh genre.

Day of suffering did the single best divebomb but solstice wins for sheer numbers...

Anonymous said...

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