Nov 23, 2006

ARMS LENGTH "s/t" 7"

The Cleveland, Ohio hardcore scene has spawned many heavy and dark hardcore bands through out its history. One not too heard of is Arms Length who hold their own with the scenes past. Arms Length have more of a fast old school feel to it along the lines of Confront more so than the metallic leanings of Integrity. However I'm sure they all shared the stage at one time or a nother.

After I dug this out of my collection I was reading the liner notes and was surprised to see that the typesetting and layout was done by none other than John McKaig which I thought was pretty cool (although John there's a lot of typos in the lyrics haha j/k). The cover and band logo's font definitely do remind me of my old 11x17" Attack & Answer fanzine that McKaig did back then. Another Syracuse connection to this release is that it was put out on Shane Durgee's (singer Framework, Gatekeeper, etc...) label Reflection Records (not to be confused with the current Reflections Records from the Netherlands). The 7" was recorded back in 1992 and some liner notes mention that there were 10 tracks recorded in all and that the other 6 were available on a cassette directly from the band. That would have been cool to check out. I'm sure there's only a real limited amount of those around. Anyway, if you like the history and sound of the Cleveland hardcore scene over the past 20+ years hopefully you'll enjoy this as well.

"Roaming down the street. There's a corpse lying in front of me. A bullet in his head and blood dripping from his eyes. Self-inflicted death - a suicide. What justifies this action? Why did he have to die?" - Realm of Hatred

ARMS LENGTH "s/t" 7" recorded May of 1992 in Canton, OH.
Released on Reflection Records.
1. Intro / Your Control
2. Blood From Stone
3. Realm of Hatred
4. Last Draw


Anonymous said...

Listening to Realm of Hatred, this band sounded alot like Think I Care does now. The intro is fuckin great too. Awesome s/t.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Clevo clan runs the land...

Buske DNA said...

Saw them at The Lost Horizon in '92 with Vision, Encounter, Edgewise, and Journeyman. Banger of a gig, that was.

Count Agranoff said...

Arm's length was one of the first bands I ever brought to play hardcore shows in my indiana home town. I loved the demo and the 7-inch. "oh yeah cleveland hardcore."

I've wanted this for a long, long time. Another Ohio band from that era I want is the in touch demo. it's the 4 worst hardcore songs I have ever heard. So bad I want it. Seriously the brownstars were better.


Anonymous said...

any way you can fix the link? It's no longer working, and I'd like to hear this band.

Anonymous said...

"oh yeah cleveland hardcore."
Very late pass, but posting in hopes of someone having the demo with this phrase?

Anonymous said...

Can you fix the link? I really want to hear their tracks!