Dec 8, 2006

KILLING TIME writeup in Puszone

In the late 1980s artist extraordinaire Pushead had his own column in Thrasher magazine. Puszone covered a good bit of NYHC over it's existence. I used to read about all of these bands very intently and I would even cut out every picture of them and hang them on my wall. Well, somehow I have managed to hold on to some of my clippings for a good 15+ years and here's a small sample of what has been sitting in my "vault". This is a brief write up about one of the many legendary albums to come out of the NYHC scene during this era. The band was KILLING TIME and the album was "Brightside" which was released on In Effect Records around 1989.

Half page advertisement featured in the same issue:

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kimpunkrock said...

oH YEAH!! pusszone was the shit. Thrasher magazine in the 80's was the
vehicle that started my journy into hxc and punk. I use to do the same thing, cut it up and hang shit on my walls. WIsh I still had some. THanks for putting that up there.