Dec 12, 2006

BURST OF SILENCE "Thicker Than Blood" 7"

BURST OF SILENCE were a straight edge hardcore band from Ontario, Canada. Their songs covered pretty much the standard fare for the time. On this album it was; 1. "Hold True" - staying true to the edge, 2. "Thicker Than Blood" - unity, 3. "I Refuse" - smoking stinks, and 4. "Senseless" - vegetarianism / animal rights. Musically this is a lot like their peers of the time - Chokehold, Earth Crisis, & Integrity. Not too shabby.

BURST OF SILENCE "Thicker Than Blood" 7"
Released on Stability Records (SR #001) and was recorded in Fall of 1993
1. Hold True
2. Thicker Than Blood
3. I Refuse
4. Senseless


Toby said...

Great 7"! I have a tape somewhere with some more songs from them (recording quality isn't exciting but the songs are good, pretty much in the same style as the 7"). Am I right that this 7" is the only officially released recording?

Anonymous said...

Featuring the great Christian McMaster of Left For Dead, the Swarm, Haymaker, and Cursed. They also had a track on the What Still Holds True comp.


Anonymous said...

That 7" is the only official release, but there is a whole LP recorded sometime in 1994, maybe as late as 1995. There's also a couple of other sessions, one released as their first demo, another as a second demo I think - I don't ever know what happened to it.

They also did a three song session with me which might've been released as a demo - I know at the time that there was talk about those three songs ending up on another 7" EP, which of course never happened.

Curtis of Haymaker and Left For Dead was also the drummer in this band at one point.

Jeff J Jawk said...

I have the master for the "What Still Holds True" comp laying around here some place I will rip it and get it online...

savagist said...

i remember sending the dude (Ian or some shit? Valparaiso, IN. i dont even remember the label anymore - Stability?) who was putting that LP out like 100$ for CD's at pre-wholesale (cause he had ads up the ass for it all over) and the fucking piece of shit never came out - and i never got my money back.

thanks hardcore. thanks for being a fucking piece of shit for white retards into their 30's who think theyre tough. hahah

someone get the DAT tape for that LP and rip it onto the net so we can finally laugh once and for all.

JesseArg! said...

repost plz