Dec 29, 2006

DOG EAT DOG "funnel king"

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE. R.I.P. Two Thousand & Sick. Be safe and have fun. Here's a little song to end the year with. Shit is hard yo. - EMS

taken from their 1994 CD "All Boro Kings" on Roadrunner Records

Wake up Monday nothing new
Weekend has caught up with you
Lie in bed hold your head
Pray to god you ain't dead
Alarm clock rings out like a bell
Start this day a living hell
Take a breath and what's that smell?
Well it smells like shit... but you can't tell

Just like you - always there
Just like you - never care
Just like you - head's in a sling
Just like you - the Funnel King

Puke it out think its gone
But you're in for a marathon
Lips are blue eyes are gone
Grab the rim and just hold on
This is like a weekly thing
'Cause you are the Funnel King
OK now but you ain't done...
Just wait until next Monday comes
Knock knock knockin' at your door
Never ever gonna drink that filthy beer no more

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kimpunkrock said...

So I got this Dog eat Dog story to tell. In 1993 I was working at The Continental at St.Marks and 3rd ave in NYC. My usual job was bar back/ waitress, but the night that DED were playing I was working the door for the first time. This was to be a trial run with me at the door. Dog Eat Dog at the time were extremly popular within the 5 boros of NY. Alot of people showed up for this show. The Continental was really small at this time and the sound system sucked. Working the door was fun stuff. There was mad people showing up and I kept packing them in there. At one point the bartender yelled over to me to stop letting people in. We were way above our capacity and this being my first time at the door, I had no idea when too many people was one too many. The band was kicking ass on stage. I can still remember the awesome renditions of Dog Eat Dog and In the Dog House. The show was going great untill the fireman showed up to cite me for letting too many people in the room. Not to mention the fact that this place was 21 plus but I wasnt checking ID's at all. (I started working there when I was 20)
Anyway the club got a ticket for being beyond capacity, the band got paid like 600 bucks and I was never allowed to work the door again. But that night was legend and so much fun. DOg Eat Dog were great that year. I never really liked anything beyond the Warrant ep. But say what u want about these guys, but in 1993 they were selling out clubs beyond capacity. Dog Eat Dog was a fun band to see live. Thanks for the memories.