May 22, 2006

MIND OVER MATTER "Hectic Thinking" 7"

New York has always been a constant source of outstanding bands in my opinion. The hardcore scene there has brought forth so many varieties and original sounding bands it blows my mind. When people try to pigeon hold NYHC I know deep down inside that they just want to be a hater and look no further. The eclectic bands that came out of that area from 1988-1995 still make me just as excited as the days that I discovered them.

Mind Over Matter were another band that you wouldn't typically think of as the poster child for NYHC. With a slightly more discordant sound to them and a bleak feel to it, M.O.M. were a nice addition. I remember buying this record solely on the fact that Wreck-Age Records had released the Madball "Dropping Many Suckers" 7". I wasn't disappointed at all. The first thing you will notice is the guitar and chunky drum sounds that many Don Fury recordings from those days were known for. In hindsight it reminds me of what Quicksand was kind of going for but with a little more of an edge to it. Definitely listen to track 4 "Feel the Pleasure and the Pain". It has a nice feel to it.

From my limited knowledge of what became of this band I do know that the drummer John Lafatta was also in the amazing Neglect and he did a short stint in Madball playing drums on one of my favorites "Look My Way". Guitarist Arthur Shepard wound up in Errortype 11 as well as a handful other bands, most recently with ex Quicksand / Bold / Handsome / Beyond guitarist Tom Capone entitled Instruction (which i believe are now broken up). He also produced a lot of albums for other NY bands such as Silent Majority and a few more that are eluding me at the time... I'm not too sure if the vocalist George or bassist Scott where in anything else that I should know of.

The bands has a few other CDs that came out on the now extinct Wreck-Age Records. I'll probably post their earlier 7" as well soon. It's just as good as this release. "Hectic Thinking" was recorded in March of 1993.

1. "Mindset Overhaul"
2. "Too Much"
3. "Forbidden Fruit"
4. "Feel the Pleasure and Pain"


lifetime said...

The singer George had a band called Day in the Life or something like that. SOund was similar to Last M.O.M record or Stillsuit and the like...

Thorns said...

John Lafatta now plays in a band called Deathcycle who just released a CD via Chainsaw Safety Records.

George's band as stated above was called Dayinthelife and had one album out on Don Fury's TVT imprint, Building Records.

Anonymous said...

scott recently played with silent majority at their reunion. there was a rumor that he was joining blood red (tommy from silent majoritys band after sm disbanded) but after a few practices the band broke up. yes, george was in dayinthelife, who released a cd on don furys label (along with stillsuit, a day for honey) before the label collapsed. he later joined earthling, which fused a dju, female vocals, dance beats, and his unique voice. Also, just so you know, the original guitar player for Mind Over Matter was Eddie Reyes (he played on their first 7") who is now in Taking Back Sunday. Mind Over Matter also broke up because Artie left to join Worlds Fastest Car with Walter from Quicksand

Trailer Trash zine said...

This is still to this day my favourite h/c band. Still have the 7inch records, the CDs and even a t-shirt that's managed to survive from 1994. Amazing band. Couldn't get enough of Don Fury's sound.

Anonymous said...

please post the first 7"....looking for god hates me everywhere...with no result :(

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