May 29, 2006

PITTBULL "the very worst of..."

I picked up this 7" in 1992. It was another one of those "didn't know shit about the band but it looked hard". Boy was I right. Pittbull (what a hard ass name too) were from Detroit which is notorious for it's hard way of life. Their music and demeanor reflected that. The band started out in 1987 and had a handful of releases. This is a 2 song 7" entitled "1990" which was released on Fist-O-Cuff Records of the same year. The only other release I had at the time was a killer "s/t" CD on Nemesis records that if I would have had my way at 15 would have gotten the flame design on the cover tattooed around my wrist. Thank god you can't tattooed that young. The band didn't seem super well known in my area but the people who had experienced them seemed to be really into it. I'm not sure how much they toured the US but I do know that they toured Europe a few times and might have even had a CD out on Lost & Found (not 100% certain but I seem to remember something of this). The band has a weird mix of punk/hardcore and some weird rockish guitar riffs. Tempo changes come out of nowhere in some of their songs. All of this adds up to a nice really raw and ballsy sound for the band. To complete the package you have Mikey's voice that is reminiscent of Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Anthony (Killing Time), or even Mike from Judge. Gruff, shouted, and the lyrics were still distinguishable. I can feel the sense of urgency and bitterness as he sings. For some weird reason with the more experimental aspects of the music Pittbull reminds me more of a Rollins Band for the working class everyday man. I hold this band right up there with all of Detroit's other great bands. Give them a listen. Just this past year Disconnected Records released "The Very Worst of... Pittbull" and has 22 tracks. Most of their older titles are probably really hard to find so I strongly recommend this release. I have taken the 2 songs from the CD version instead of straight from the vinyl just for clarity and quality reasons.

Click here to order "The Very Worst of..." CD from Very Distro

1. "No Love Lost"
2. "Follow the Leader"

Here's another track from their "s/t" CD on Nemesis records from 1991 that can now also be found on "The Very Worst of..." CD

3. "You Deserve Worse"

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phil d said...

wow that song you deserve thats some heavy shit. im digging this alot.

Edwin said...

Awesome band, and seriously underrated. They had several releases on Lost & Found actually, incl that self-titled one, no doubt none of them with actual consent from the band. Need to pick up that discography CD soon.

Hirsinger Youth said...

They had 4 CDs, one 7" and one split 7" on Lost And Found. First was the Nemesis LP rereleased on CD, second "Casualty" which is their best stuff, third "new all-time low" (very Helmet and 16 influenced) and last but not least a live CD called "kick out the jam". The split 7" was together with Ryker's and had "no love lost" in a remixed (way more brutal) version and one track of the "casualty" album. The 7" was called "Detroit' s finest".

Other releases by Pittbull: split flexi 7" with I on Evatone (1990), the first 7" (same label like the 7" you have)...

Anonymous said...

Man can you upload on rapidshare or something!I cant order the cd becouse i live in SERBIA!!!

Please man!