May 15, 2006

BURN SIDE "Rebirth - Jersey Style" 7"

The mid to late '90s in NJ was some serious glory days for some, and a source of constant frustration for other hardcore fans. The thug mentality, Kickboxing, and metal were all creeping into hardcore more and more at that time. Many people ran away from this style and others welcomed it at the door. I was one of the ones who embraced it with open arms. I related to the harshness and attitude that many of these bands and songs were emanating at the time. In fact, not much has really changed about my tastes to this day. I still listen to a wide variety of music but I'm a sucker for some good old groovy hardcore that is genuinely filled with anger and ferocity.

Burn Side was a small band that put out a few demos through out the nineties, a 7" (featured here), and a CD on RPP records from Belgium. These 4 tracks were released on the short lived Gut Punch Records out of NJ who also released a NJ compilation (featuring Burn Side). Something about this record I just enjoyed. I felt this 7" was a good start for this new band. Mine is number 38 out of 666 and on some serious pink vinyl. I remember I used to distro this back around that time and the kids who did pick it up also enjoyed it. Anyway, here it is, Motherfucking Jersey Style. This was released in 1997 on Gut Punch Records.

Click here to check out Burn Side on Myspace.

1. "Rebirth"
2. "Release"
3. "These 4 Words"
4. "How Can I Forgive"

I've received several emails from people asking me to send them tracks, however here's some important info that might help you out. This may seem redundant to some but many people do not realize that you can save these tracks straight from our server here at Coregasm. If you aren't too familiar with this, simply right click over top of the MP3 hyperlink & select "SAVE LINK AS...". It's fairly simple. After you have saved the file to your computer somewhere, take it into your mp3 player of choice (win amp, itunes, etc...) and play it from there. I recommend even saving the cover art with the selected tracks from that release. If you have any further problems just ask around or drop me an email.


Edwin said...

Such an awesome band. The 7" rules, the CD they did was also damn good... Also totally into Alex's current band, Behind The Sun. He's got a great voice.

phil said...

im impressed the vocals remind me of some band thats popular now cant put my finger on it.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Dude, I fucking love New Jersey. How is it possible for that place to crank out so many bands that just crush it? A shame I wasn't familiar with these guys until this moment. The hunt for more is on...

Masterkiller said...

Good stuff, and like you said "Thuggish metallic NJHC" is a keyword that makes me want to listen to it rightaway !

The mp3's on myspace are real good either, I'm gonna check if I can find the album.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where to get ahold of any Burn Side stuff? been after it for awhile. Had a tape copy of the cd before, but lost that in a move...if anyone has info hit me up

jxw said...

Liam Wilson, bassist for Dillinger Escape Plan!

Shawn Maclean-
sickest drummer on the east coast. shit you not!
just needs to scrap that church band gig and play some real shit!

Mike Riley said...

ha. whoa. I used to have this as they sent me a copy when looking for a show in Baltimore. I'm one of those you mention that went the other direction when it came to this style of hardcore.