May 17, 2006

OUT OF REACH "problems with democracy" 7"

You know I really hate when I go to post a sweet 7" and all I can really say "I don't really know a ton about this band" etc... But over the years I've just picked up so many 7"s from random bands that I either never saw, or they weren't around very long. I picked this 7" up because it was released by some kids I knew in Pittsburgh. Ascension Records was a collective label started by one of the guys from Abnegation and later on Creation is Crucifixion, and a few of the guys from Pittsburgh Screamo band Pressgang. Out of Reach really wasn't the type of music that I would have expected them to release but regardless I enjoyed what I heard. Ascension Records went on to also release the Forethought (who later became Autumn) 7" but after that I don't know if the label did anything else or what direciton it went. I'm pretty sure Out of Reach were a PA band and this 7" was recorded in Gettysburg, PA and it was Ascension Records #1. The recording is from August of 1992 and is a nice mix of raw, chunky, mid tempo (with some faster parts here and there hardcore that PA/NJ/NY has been known to produce over the past 20 some odd years. Let me know what you think!

1. "The Last Word"
2. "Vices"
3. "All Fucked Up"
4. "Count on Punishment (C.O.P.)"
5. "Incidentally"
6. "Problems With Democracy"


phil d said...

2 good ones in a row keep up the solid work. im really surpised that the cic dudes would put something out like this but whatever awesome band.

Daisy B. said...

I realize I am commenting on a post from 2006...but I was digging through the internet trying to find the band of a guy I was pen pals with when I was in high school, and lo and behold, here they are! I don't know much more than you do...I just remember his name was Jason, and we exchanged many letters about the difference between heavy metal (which is what I loved) and hardcore (which is what he loved). Thank you for this!