Nov 26, 2008

FOUNDATION "demo" & "unreleased"

One great thing about doing this blog is that when I post some tracks from an old band that I really like, I pretty much immediately start getting more emails chock full of hard to find info about them. Sometimes I even hit the jackpot and someone will have tracks that I don't have and swap them with me. This was the case here. I had posted two 7"s from the early '90s Rochester, NY band Foundation earlier this year and they seemed to go over very well. This eventually led me to scoring a copy of their demo and an unreleased 5 song ep from them. So here it is for all of you to enjoy. You'll notice other versions of the 7" songs on both releases but there are also plenty of other new (to me at least) songs that are nothing short of awesome. "Dragon's Mouth" is a real stand out track for me that would have surely got my head banging back in the day. Check them out and check out the original post of their two 7"s CLICK HERE.

1. Semi-Voluntary Reaction
2. Nothing Personal
3. Disaster
4. Your Deception
5. Enough
6. Communication Breakdown

FOUNDATION "unreleased" EP
1. Undefined
2. Broken
3. Down
4. Dragon's Mouth
5. Purity


Malik said...

awesome. thanks Eric.

Buske said...

There was also a FOUNDATION from Albany at the same time featuring our friend, Mr. Derrick VanWie. I saw Albany Foundation once, Rochester Foundation two or three times (once with Fugazi, as McKaig previously mentioned).