Nov 13, 2008


Approach to Concrete were a mid nineties hardcore band from Germany. Somehow we got a hold of their 6 song CD "failures" and proceeded to rock it a plenty whether it was in the van on tour or at my friends house that he tattooed out of. ATC did the fast yet not too youth crewy sounding hardcore really well. Brother's Keeper actually got the chance to play with these guys in 1996 and it was pretty awesome to see them live. I remember dancing for them and their singer commenting on how different (read violent) that US kids danced compared to the Euros. I felt bad but he was just busting my balls really. Anyway check out these 6 songs and see what you think.

Released 1995 on Mad Mob Records (MM010)
1. Absolution
2. I Fail Again
3. Bad Time Story
4. Ineffective
5. Did You Know
6. Blood Runs Red


Anonymous said...

Very good review by a cool band. For other german bands from that time frame (far better and far more original imo) check records by Ego Trip, Growing Movement, Creation Of Silence, Steakknife (fronted by Spermbirds singer Lee Hollis), and of course, the mighty Acme.

Anonymous said...

Word up, EMS!!
This is Joerg, the singer of Approach To Concrete. I was just searching for our band name on Google and came through this...awesome write up on us, thanks a lot.
Those were the days, right?!
After all those years of not being in a band I just started a new one. What are you doing these days?! Man, I loved Brothers Keeper...what is Mike up to nowadays?!