Dec 5, 2008

OVERSIGHT "After This Day" 7" / COUNTERPUNCH "s/t" 7"

This 7” seems like it flew under the radar a little bit when you think of Syracuse Hardcore. Oversight features the very recognizable voice of Shane Durgee from Framework & Gatekeeper (previously posted on Coregasm) among other bands. His vocals are heavy and in your face but in a melodic, strong singing kind of way. Here and there a few of the songs even have that e-crunch that Green Rage and Earth Crisis spread to the whole world. These tracks were recorded in 1992 @ Penguin Studios. The players were: Shane – vocals, Dave – guitar, Jay – bass, and Casey on drums. Funny thing about the inner sleeve is that eccentric label owner Mike Warden from Conquer the World even has his own thanx list in the layout. I’ve never seen a label owner (not in the band mind you) do such a thing. Very weird… and to top it off Mike thanx “My mom for putting on my X’s”. haha, awesome. I’ll give him some credit though, this was his very first release so who knows!?!

OVERSIGHT “After This Day” 7” (mines on grey marble)
Released in 1992 on Conquer the World Records (CTW 001)
1. Picking Up the Pieces
2. Princess
3. Reveal
4. The Pedestal


A little addition to this post is the 7” from COUNTER PUNCH. I picked this up back then simply because it was released on Shane Durgee’s label Reflection (not to be confused with the current awesome European label Reflections). There are no liner notes, lyrics, or any information other than song titles and that it was Reflection Records #4. So maybe some of you can fill in the missing pieces on this release and band. I actually really enjoy the songs so check them out! It’s kind of in a similar vein of groovy, raw, and heavy but on the melodic tip. Great stuff and I wish more bands were trying stuff like this.

COUNTER PUNCH “Counter Punch” 7”
Released on Reflection Records #4
1. Inner Reality
2. Letting Go
3. Freedom
4. Stranded
5. Outro


Anonymous said...

This band was from the Phoenix Arizona area. Besides this 7" I know they at least released a demo tape.
One of the members was also in Stand to Reason and Seven Story Mountain.

mikectw said...

Hey thanks for remembering my first release. You know that wasn't the only record I put my own thanks list in it. Putting out records to me was like being in the band it was the most personal connection I could of had. Once in a while I google the label name to see what's going on. I am doing Myspace promotions now and have become quite the industry standard. Visit to catch up with me.

chad said...

Counter Punch (or is it Counterpunch?) also have a track on the old New Age records 7" comp, "Words To Live By, Words To Die For".

the anonymous person who said they released a demo tape.. i have a tape CP did that came out right before they broke up and it only has like 2 or 3 songs on it... i was unsure if this was an actual release or a demo. also not sure if they also recorded an early demo that came out before their 7". said...

homg. i cannot believe this is linked, let alone someone went through the trouble to rip the oversight record. i "played" guitars for this band. i still cringe. on the crowd shot there, that's shane, then there was my arm with my (pos) guitar, and the silly bloke was the original bassist for oversight (patrick - who is in the legendary boston band the douglas fir)

Jeff said...

I played drums in Counter Punch.. we had a first demo, then 2 7"ers, different singers and a track on a New Age comp. (words to live for, words to die for) with yet a one time, different singer.. Plus a few cassette singles. We went on (most of us) to release a CD with 'Stand To Reason' in 1996 on a swedish label. Any info anyone wants, email me!

Brian said...

Hey, I was in this band. Just to clarify, there was a 7" before this one, but with the first singer. Then, around the same time as the 7" listed here, there were a couple cassette singles (don't laugh). Finally, we recorded a full-length LP that was never released.

Brian said...

I'm referring to the Counter Punch single, in my above comment, by the way.

jason said...

i "played" bass on this (oversight) record. the "unfortunate" is pat cooley, the singer is shane durgee and the remainder of the band was dave palmer and casey on drums. all awesome people. miss them all.

Gerrard said...

Can anyone tell me more about the cover artwork on the Oversight 7"? I've always loved it. said...

@jason: please get in touch with me ASAP (david.skyflyingby (at)

@Gerrard: if i'm not mistaken, the cover art was actually a piece of clip art the vocalist (shane) found/had. i don't remember the source.

Anonymous said...

i dig the siren records price sticker on the cover...doylestown, pa represent.