Dec 17, 2008


It’s weird to go back and listen to these old compilations that have a place in the heart and soul of the 16 year old me. I hate to say it but I try to be an honest person… if I heard such an eclectic mix of bands on a CD today I would probably cringe and chuck it out of my car window. What happened to that youthful energy I had? That ambitious and inquisitive nature? Everything seemed so new and exciting then. Bands were harder to come by, and putting out records was reserved for those who had the money, gumption, and know how. Politics and being socially conscious were at a great all time high with hardcore, crust, emo, and punk kids. Did we get lazy? Are we too wrapped up in quick fame, technology, business, and egos? With all of the worlds advancements I feel like things have changed so much and everything can sometimes seem like any sort of messages are lost or watered down. If you stand on your soapbox and talk about something you are chastised for being preachy. Remember the phrase “More than Music”? Maybe it’s all part of growing up. I’ll be 32 in just a few days and as much as I try to be as involved with the music scene I feel like I know less and less of what the fuck is going on. I think the 16 year old me would be proud of me in some ways, and in others want to kick me in my 32 year old dick. Who knows? Maybe the 30 year olds in 1994 felt the same way about my generation at the time. Punk rock saved my life and in other ways I feel like it ruined it. There are times that I wish I worked a 9-5 desk job, came home drank a can of Miller Lite, and played Xbox for 8 hours a night. But that’s not me, it’s not in my blood like the music and ideas such as the ones conveyed on this LP that I feel connected to. Maybe there should be a support group for the 30+ “kids” to help each other through our trials and tribulations of coping with everyday. It’s hard to stay blind to the bullshit of the world. Anyway, if that support group is out there, sign me up…

Well enough of that randomness… “A Food Not Bombs Benefit LP” on Inchworm records came out in 1994 with a great mixture of who’s who in the hardcore, metal, and emo world at the time. Many of these bands are still highly revered to this day. I think there’s a reason for this, these bands were ahead of their time and setting the standards for their sub genres. On top of all of that this LP was all about bringing awareness to homelessness, starvation, society's ills, and where our Country’s money is spent. These are all subjects more than relevant today as the US is still pissing away our finances into projects that are not really improving the general quality of life here on our own soil. These cool silkscreened covers (I still have a soft spot for those) also contained a thick zine like liner note booklet. Inside you will find a lot of information about FNB and also each band contributes a page of their lyrics that look like were individually designed by each band, further giving you a sense of their art. Overall everything about this release is what made me fall in love with punk and hardcore. The sense of being pro-active, giving a fuck, and actually getting off of your ass and doing something. I see flyers for benefit shows all over the US these days and there’s not one ounce of info stating what it is even for. I attend shows where there’s canned food drives and I don’t know if kids are doing it because it’s trendy or to save $2 off of the fee. But then at the show no one gets up and talks about where the food is going and what the point of it all was. Listening to this LP gets that fire going in my gut. I appreciate the fact that it can still invoke that sort of reaction out of me.

Various Artists - Food Not Bombs Benefit LP
Released on Inchworm Records in 1994 (IW 001)

1. Ten Boy Summer - The History Of Blank Pages And The Conscious Decision To Discontinue The Tradition Our Gender Has Been Plagued With
2. Swing Kids - Disease
3. Campaign - Industry Slave
4. Indian Summer - Reflections On Milkweed
5. Starkweather - Mainline
6. Franklin - Slow Into Questionable
7. Fingerprint - Surrender
8. Braille - Capitol (previously mentioned in coregasm)
9. Half Man - Tripped Up (previous 7"s posted in coregasm here)
10. Premonition - Left Unsaid
11. Railhed - End Song
12. Current - Chairtied


akahn said...

This reminds me that about 2 summers ago I heard Fingerprint on WHRB (Harvard University radio, they play good music in the Summer only)... good shit. Any recommendations of records by them?

xDonnieVegasx said...

i can completely relate to this blog, about the "30 year old kid". I am 31, 32 in march, and still edge. i still listen to the same music, and freak out over the same listening to my old 7"s, and have been so pumped seeing some on here, in mp3 form! but it's weird with shows for me, here in vegas... i don't know anyone.. just moved out here a year ago... and people are shady... but did find a flyer for a Jesus Wpet house show and went, and when I heard them covering Disciple... I almost cried... cause it made me feel like a kid again.. memories :)

rybunal said...

i found this in my collection last week...i have the other cd FNB comp too. think it was done in 95-96ish..


Elliott said...

I'll never forget the impact this comp had on Wilkes-Barre at the time. It was like a quest to get everything else the bands on it had released. It also got all of us a lot more interested in politics/current affairs/punk as more then music. I remember the show all the W-B kids bought it as (Frail at Seaseas) and it seemed like a lot of things started getting more exciting in the area after that.

I think a big part of what hurt great comps is that with the internet people aren't really using them to find new bands. 10 years ago when a band gave a track to a comp they picked their best one so that they can pick up some new fans, now it seems like they figure they pick up new fans on myspace so they save all the great tracks for their records and stick throwaway tracks on the comps.

CarlosRamirez said...

I said it in the other post that included Half Man but Dan, the drummer went on to join a band I was in called Black Army Jacket in 1996. He's playing in Matt Pond PA these days. Great memories looking at this comp!

xjustinx said...

Crazy, I just found this comp at a used record store this week, and got all excited. I was going to rip it and up it to my blog, but I guess you beat me to it haha. The one thing I loved so much about 90s comps was diversity of sounds you would hear.

Feraledge said...

that Starkweather song ripped.

Anonymous said...

Current's best effort. No weak vocals here. Pun totally intended.

tom said...

Prior to this comp I though hc/punk was only NYHC and the old DC, Boston, and LA bands. It opened my ears up to a whole bunch of new bands and sounds. The Starkweather song is still a beast. I saw Starkweather last week with 12 other people, that's a shame.

CT Hardcore said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I misplaced the vinyl years ago. That 10 Boy Summer song fucking blew me away. Apparently Davey from Promise Ring was in that band...

lordedge said...

Davey was in Ten Boy Summer (who painted live).

fingerprint has a discography available. French hardcore from this time was the best.

Great lp.