Sep 4, 2007

BRAILLE demo cassette

This entry kind of goes along with the Knotwork post and was from the same era. Braille was a band whose demo I really enjoyed & reviewed in the second issue of Surprise Attack in ‘93 or ‘94. I only got the chance to see them once and they really delivered. They seemed like they were from the same age group as me (in high school at the time) but could actually play their instruments unlike the horrible bands I was in. They were from somewhere in the South NJ area just outside of Philly. Other than the demo and another great track featured on an amazing and diverse Food Not Bombs LP compilation by Inchworm Records from that same time, Braille didn’t have any other recorded offerings available.

If I can determine whether that comp is out of print I will most likely post it. That LP features a great lineup such as Ten Boy Summer, Swing Kids, Campaign, Indian Summer, Starkweather, Franklin, Finger Print, Braille, Half Man (I loved this band!) Premonition, Railhed, & Current. Pretty crazy comp! Anyway, I think that Braille was rather short lived which is a shame because this demo is pretty raging. It’s definitely got an early 90’s metallic hardcore vibe to it. The tempos are nice and the intensity is there. The slap bass on the instrumental before track 2 is a bit much to take and the metalzone guitar pedal sounding distortion is ever so prevalent from that era. Overall this is another gem from a local band that some of you from far away might not have ever had the chance to hear. Check it out & let me know what you think. – EMS 100%

BRAILLE "demo" Cassette
self released 1993?
1. Struggle
2. Instrumental / Torment
3. Absence


Joe said...

Sounds actually reminds me of the burst of Silence 7" you posted a few weeks ago.

do you have demos by these bands:

Sumpthin' ta prove


Anonymous said...

come on ems, you can do a lot better than this post.


EMS / COREGASM said...

Sorry my post didn't meet your standards.

Anonymous said...

Heh, it took me a week to actually listen this demo after i downloaded it. Good stuff, intro on Absence brings mind Metallica somehow. Don't really know why, but this is good stuff, Braille was unknown name to me before. Thanks EMS!