Dec 9, 2008


East Coast Empire was a really cool label in the late 90s that paved the way for a few bands. Focusing mainly on really heavy hardcore and also supporting their local scene, I had nothing but respect for these guys. They went away for a few years but now they're back which is pretty cool. This was a sweet 7” comp (man how awesome did comps used to be!?!) that featured some of Connecticut's finest at that time. There’s even a pretty sweet Death Threat track featuring guest vocals from the singer of Divided By Hate that I don’t think surfaced on any of their other releases. Fear Tomorrow has a great heavy sound and ECER released a split with them and Integ2000. I also think the 100 Demons track on here was an exclusive song and boy is it a heavy hitter. All in all I really miss these 7” comps showcasing a local scene. This makes me want to do an all Erie Hardcore 7” on Surprise Attack. Hmmmm…

The Division Has Begun “Connecticut Hardcore MCMXCIX” 7” (mines on clear!)
Released on East Coast Empire (ECER 010)
1. Fear Tomorrow “The Wretched:
2. Death Threat “Forgiveness”
3. 100 Demons “Straight to Hell”
4. Divided By Hate “Embers”
5. Mans Ruin “Better Off Dead”

East Coast Empire Records online



Haven't been commenting enough lately but I'm PSYCHED to see you posting again! And so many obscure goodies to boot! I'm download the last handful of posts to check out right now...


hell yea! I got this 7" form you EMS when you sold off all your distro stuff. This 7" was killer... I Ebayed it and got a few bones for it. Been wishing I kept it ever since. Nice to have it again!

Ivan said...

Thanks a bunch for this.
Im from Ct and remember when this came out.
ECER was a great label.
When I was younger we concidered it something like the Victory Records of CT.
Every local band wanted to be on that label.
Ive been looking for mp3s of this comp since forever.
I used to listen to this comp on my fisher price one speaker record player.
The Death Threat song is my favorite cut.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this man. I haven't listened to this in a long time.Do you have the early 90's comp that ECER put out. It had Ct. locals Higher Force,Groundwork,Anotherwall & I think a few others.ECER also put out some other bands,Mindwar,Evolve/Groundwork split. If you have any of those can you please post them. Thanks

Chris Inzinna said...

Is there any way that you can re-up this? Thanks!