Jan 7, 2008

FOUNDATION "Purity" & "Triphammer" 7"s

This is an exciting first post for the new year. My awesome sister and brother-in-law gave me a great Christmas / B-day gift (I'm 31 today!). It is a USB turntable that plugs right into my computer. I am very excited about this as I hope my vinyl to mp3 transfers get even better! That will hopefully mean more frequent posts of killer hard to find stuff. Anyway, onto the music...

Foundation were a rather original band from Rochester, NY that had an interesting sound. It was a mix of heavy yet emotional stuff. Kind of like they grew up on Underdog and Gorilla Biscuits but decided to add some real slow and drawn out parts with a very emotional feel to it (note: i'm not calling this "emo" as i don't want to scare any of you readers away). I believe that both of these 7"s are from the same recording session at Suny Fredonia, NY in November of 1991. Fredonia is only a stones throw away from here in Erie, PA. Actually the "Purity" 7" was mixed by Fred @ Mark's Recording which is interesting to me because a few years later my band recorded there with Fred.

Foundation made the trip down many times to the central PA area and you would see their name on many flyers. I always really really liked these 7"s, some of the songs are really long but the playing on them is fucking top notch. All four members seem to be very proficient at what they brought to the table in the band. The line up consisted of; John Drenning on guitar, Mike Waney on vocals, Steve Korol on drums, & Bill Colgrove on bass. These 2 7"s might be over 15 years old but they still evoke a lot of the same feelings in me as the first time I heard them. Great stuff. I would love to get my hands on more material from them.



FOUNDATION "Triphammer" 7"
Released 1992 on Significant Records
1. Down
2. Triphammer (instrumental)
3. Your Deception

FOUNDATION "Purity" 7"
Released 1992 on Round Flat Records / Fasthold Records
1. Disaster
2. Purity


thexessence said...

looks like i'm just one day older than you Eric... happy b'day man.

i remember getting quite big package feat. both Foundation and Discontent 7" when they came out. Round Flat Recs... were they from NY area? buffalo? anyway, i loved both. Discontent were this obscure raw hard edge band and Fundation had awesome so called emo touch.
i do have that 2nd 7" but never had a chance to listen to it. stoked to have mp3s...

Leeaction said...

You never seem to amaze me EMS.. keep up the good work with this blog. I've been checking it weekly for over a year now.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Whoooaaa. Downloading now, VERY curious, but more importantly I did not know that USB turntables existed. I am behind the times. I gotta look into that shit!!!

kluzehellion said...

Great to see the Foundation 7" appearing here, that was actually my first 7" i bought even before i got into hardcore, through cheap vinyl boxes at my local store. My copy comes on red wax. Later on in the same shop i bought my first Congress 7".

Years later I found the "purity" 7" at the Pyrrhus record store on clear (i think) but rarely, i didn't buy that 7" til someone else bought it. Thanks for ripping it to mp3. Great job!

Emil said...

Isn't there a new record by a band called Foundation now? Probably not the same band?

Anonymous said...

thank you for that, you're my personal hero from now on. i've been searching for foundation runes for years... i had them on tape and loved those songs as hell. and yeah, it was 15 years ago in some freaky country called poland.

thanks again, you've made my day.

ps. oh, and hello andrew@aversion :) oh, and hello adam :) the world is shrinking.

Anonymous said...

little known fact that john d was an original member of buffalo power house Zero Tolerance.

Anonymous said...

dude, amazing. I was fortunate to see them play and book them a few times. They played a huge show with Fugazi once, and they killed. Thanks for posting that.
- mckaig

Anonymous said...

I was good friends with those fellas back in the day... we were roadies at all their shows... my favorites were when they played with Shelter (Buffalo) and Black Train Jack (Reading, PA?) They all went to RIT in Rochester...


Anonymous said...

I was buds with them too. The E.F.P. would skate all day loved to go on the road with our Foundation homies whenever we could. Tons of fond memories. The Black Train Jack show was one of my favs. Missed the Shelter show! I even intro'ed them at a small apartment show one time.

Anonymous said...

Loved this band. That is why I put out the Triphammer 7". Glad to see people are still into this band. I have an unreleased ep by them, that I was going to put out, but they broke up.

Josh Bressem said...

Nice! I am the photog that took the shot on the back of the purity 7", cool to find a fan/fans of the band after all these years. Went to RIT with them for 2 years, and traveled to many many shows with the band. The band sort of ended when they all graduated and went off to good paying jobs. Here are a few more pix i have online of them... this one is a show in PA

this one a house party in Roch.
(cut n paste them)

osakasteve said...

Has anyone on this post got a copy of one of these 7"s they'd be willing to sell? This band has some high sentimental value to me.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-uploading this?

Anonymous said...

Eat Food Posse!? I would never have remembered that if I hadn't read it. Foundation had some good players, singer was terrible though (no offense Mike) and the guitarist was a little (a lot) indulgent (it's true John and you know it). I think I have some vinyl you can have osaka.

mikewaney said...

I am totally offended. Why would you say such a thing. Was it necessary? Some day my kids will read this and lose respect for their rock star straight edge hardcore dad. Haha...just kidding. Have to say i really like this thread. I have seven inches of everything we cut not to mention shirts and all kinds of cool fliers from the amazingly talented mr. colgrove. Send an email to mikewaney@yahoo.com with an address and i will mail you a set with pleasure. I think i may have a few in white vinyl if you say something nice (i.e. lie about my singing). FINALLY...Shouts out to Matt Derby. He deserves more than a mention. Great guy.

Anonymous said...

WANEY!!!!! ExFxPx in the house!!!!

dgildersleeve said...

You know... The E.F.P. started in a driveway in upstate, NY when me and my bud Kenny would get home from school, get a snack and skate. We made up the E.F.P. He was in the slow division and I was in the fast because I ate so fast and he so slowly. I brought the name to R.I.T. and it took right off... I know thems fighting words, but that's how I remember it. And I can't get those pic links to work even when I cut and paste. Mike - Your voice was golden. E.F.P. D.F.L. - I'm still eatin'!

Anonymous said...

Fuck all y'all sumsabitches.

-Dom A

Anonymous said...


Just kiddin Sensies.


Moos said...

Purity is a total killer track. That's where Mike owns.

What were your inspirations?

stringaddict said...

I caught these guys opening for The Dead Milkman at the U of R back in the wee part of the 90s. I got a chance to talk with their guitarist and compared some musical notes (musicians tend to flock together). They were phenomenal live so I bought a cassette of theirs after the show. It's got a black cover with red tattoo-esque looking artwork with their band name featuring underlined O's.

The cassette/album features the following songs:
*Semi-Voluntary Reaction
*Nothing Personal
*Your Deception
*Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover)

I wish there was a way to get this album on CD or in a remastered/re-released format. There's not a bad track on the album though the audio quality is missing the mark somewhat. The engineering on it is fine but the quality of the audio is slightly less than I wish it were. All in all, it's a great EP.

If anyone out there knows of a way to get this album digitally, do let me know AND if the band is still together, I'd certainly love to hear what they've been up to.