Jan 23, 2008

V/A "Lacking Mindset Compilation" 7"

This early 90's four band 7" compilation knocked me on my ass when it came out. Having been a fan of all 4 bands featured on here and always wanting to hear more, this was just the release I had been needing. The original version of Unbroken's "Blanket" was so heavy it had me and my friends seriously geeking the fuck out. I can remember seeing them twice around this time and going completely ape shit to that song. Honeywell, Groundwork, and Struggle all offer some of their harsh and abrasive punk meets hardcore meets (then) screamo. Overall this was a great release.

V/A - "Lacking Mindset Compilation" 7"
Released by Spoonfed Records - FED 002

1. Struggle - The Untitled
2. Unbroken - Blanket
3. Honeywell - Mesh Control
4. Groundwork - ???


xjustinx said...

I've never even heard of this comp, and it contains 3 of my favorite bands from that era. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

my all time favorite band! HONEYWELL!

Mickey Nolan said...

I still have this record. I remember being scandalized that the band names were only contained on a little white sticker. Thanks for posting this.

Dieithrio said...

can you reupload it?