Jan 11, 2008

DISCONTENT "Chance to Live" 7"

I think this piece of Buffalo hardcore history might only appeal to a few due to the rawness of the production on this 4 track 7". I remember in 1992 one of my best friends Will picked this 7" up and we just loved it. In fact our band at the time even ripped off a bunch of ideas from some of the songs it's kind of ridiculous in hindsight. I was always jealous that he owned this record until one day I finally found a distro that carried it as well and I got my very own copy. The recording is very crude and the vocal mix is really loud however it was done on an 8 track at Action Recording Studios in August of 1991. This was released on Round Flat Records who also put out one of the Foundation 7"s that we just posted about. A band definitely couldn't get away with cover like that these days! If you can look through the sloppiness and poor production (It sounds like he did all of the vocals in one take) and you enjoy this era of hardcore you might like this. They were a pretty obscure band that I think only people from the Western NY / Great Lakes region might have heard of. Let me know what you think.

DISCONTENT "Chance to Live" 7"
Round Flat Records 002 - Released 1991 or 92
1. Living in Anguish
2. Compassion of the Soul
3. Open Wound
4. Seize the Day

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thexessence said...

i believe it came out in 92 cos thats the year i got it from Round Flat with "just released" discription.
anyway, i loved that record. raw recording but pretty decent songs. saying that i have to admit that it was probably like 14 years ago when i was listening to this last time... my opinion might be a bit different after downloading your zip. ha.

thanks a lot.