Dec 15, 2007

BRICKLAYER LOCAL 630 "Thought Process '92" 7"

Too Damn Hype released the “East Coast Assault” CD which was a bad ass compilation in the 92-93 eras. It made a lot of smaller demo and 7” bands well known. I mean think about it, this is pre-internet so exposure was really hard. All I had to go by at this time was a song on a comp, a thank you list, or even just an ad in a zine. I think I tried to get material from every band on that comp. A local Harrisburg area record store called “It’s Only Rock N Roll” would have a little shoe box worth of 7”s up by the register with small and unknown hardcore band 7”s. One day while flipping through I saw this Bricklayer 7” and got excited as their song “Release” was fairly decent on the East Coast Assault. So I snatched it up and listened to it fairly frequently back then. It’s funny because I paid $3.99 for this back in 1993 and 7”s today are still only being sold for like $4-$6. Inflation has affected everything in the world except for punk rock I guess. Anyway… Bricklayer was a 5 piece heavy hardcore band from the Medford, MA area. Other than this 7” I do not know how prolific this band was. I always thought it was a good listen for the ’92 era. Give it a try. There’s some great lyrics in “Welcome to the Real World” like; “So much censorship you’d think this was the USSR.”, “Treat some fat junkie entertainer just like a fucking god, worship his statues and his songs, even want his face on a stamp WHAT?” Bricklayer Local 630 was: Scott Turner – bass, Karen Bagrowski – guitar, Ed Bagrowski – guitar, Donnie Ferguson – Drums, & Dan Stagliano – vocals.

BRICKLAYER Local 630 “Thought Process ‘92” 7”
Released on Foundation Americia Records
1. Regret
2. Welcome (to the Real World)
3. Release
4. Last Words


Aaron/Next Step Up said...

I was fortunate enough to have played a show with Bricklayer around '92 or so at the Crazy Country Club in Brooklyn, NY (along w/ Confusion, Life of Agony and more). This brings back memories...

Thanks for this...!!!

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

FUCK YES, dude. Another super obscure find here. Man, I had no idea this existed. Every time I listen to that comp I start trying to dig up whether or not some of those lesser known bands ever put anything out, but with a name like Bricklayer Google is pretty much useless. I can't wait to check this out...

Anonymous said...

So I picked up a cheap boombox type deal the other day. It's a combo tape deck/CD/record player. I haven't owned a tape deck or record player in like 10 years or more. I wanted to listen to some old demo tapes and 7-inches and whatnot (especially since I've never stopped buying them).

Anyway, I'm listening to Bricklayer right now and figured I'd do a search on the band. This page came up. Right on! Aside from the 7" shown here, they also put out at least one other thing; a 3-track tape called Obscure. It was released in 1993. I won it from Nasty Habits on WERS 88.9 (RIP) back in the day.

The tracklisting is:

1. Nothing
2. Man In The Glass *
3. Last Words

* Lyrics by Edgar Allen Poe

A sweet little demo, too. Hope this helps. Wish I could transfer cassettes to MP3 easily.

Davesvet said...

Ed is still doing the band thing. His current band is InTHeBlood here is a link to the myspace page

SIN Productions said...

Holy Fuck - people actually remember BRICKLAYER!! Thanks for all the great comments!! I was the founder of this band and still hold it near and dear. Still into HC checkout the newest band also trying keep the spirit alive! Come checkout my new label and support bands that deserve it - The label launches on 4-1-08 -- This made my night.


Ed Bricklayer (oldmanhc)

Asier said...

hello, very good blog and with bands very little known, can will somebody to return to replace demo of the band
BRICKLAYER Local 630 “Thought Process ‘92” 7”, I have been time looking for and puts that it has been erased, greetings from the Basque Country, sorry for my english hahhaha

Fred said...

I was listening to the East Coast Assault Comp 1 and started looking for more about this band, for some reason I missed this post, do you thing it's possible to reupload the demo ??

Thanks a lot.

Jimmy said...

I am in close contact with singer/guitarist Karen. If anyone can help me locate copies of these two recordings, we would both greatly appreciate it. Private message me on YouTube ihatethis833 channel.
Peace, Jimmy

George ICzernetzky said...

I help put this out...and made the covers...