Dec 4, 2007

DISMAY "In Doubt" CD

When Brother’s Keeper signed our first “contract” (I use that term loosely) in 1995 it was with We Bite America. WBA was to be distributed in the US by Victory and was a new venture for the European based label. The only other label mates we had at the time were 25 Ta Life and Dismay. When I first heard Dismay I had that young naïve approach to it. I thought “man this stuff is slow and boring, this ain’t hardcore”. Yeah I was stupid and totally missed what they were going for at the time. I quickly grew out of that mindset and honestly Dismay’s style of slow grooving hardcore is actually what I prefer rather than cliché mosh or old school. The guitar parts have such a thick sound to them and the beauty lies in the simplicity of their riff. The drums stick to a mid tempo and plod along most of the time and really get my head nodding. It’s this type of dramatic angst that gets my blood boiling. Bands like Burn, Beyond, Eye For An Eye, Quicksand, and Hard Response all had elements of this style as well and it seems like a lot of current bands are picking up on this vibe. I decided to post this album as a tribute to the band as I had recently read that the singer had passed away this past year. I never knew the guy or anything but here’s to you man, you made some good music and left a mark in the pages of East Coast hardcore. Rest In Peace.

DISMAY "In Doubt" CD
We Bite America Records 1995

In other news:

Coregasm turned 2 mid november. I wanted to post something ridiculous from my past but never got around to it because life has been hectic. Anyway, happy belated birthday CG. I can't believe it's all ready been 2 years since I started doing my random posts. Thanx to all who read and check out the bands.

Also, if you remember I had posted 2 different Icemen posts (R.I.P. / Buried Alive). Turns out some of the old members of the band have been posting responses to each other and it's a little heated. This was rather unexpected and weird and I'm not really trying to fan the flames but it looks like after many many years there's still some hard feelings.


Pim Said And Done said...

Good stuff. Love that demo from '94 as well. Is there anything else they did?

Anonymous said...

pim (or anyone), can you post that '94 demo

Marco said...

I appreciate that your intent was not to incite however I am compelled to respond. Any Icemen material you have seen after 1992 is illegitimate activity by imposters. That includes Buried Alive, Fire and Ice and above mentioned demo. These activities are also I might add, criminal.

Like it or not, these are facts.

Allow me to repeat-

Above mentioned tracks were Carl Griffin's attempt at continuing The Icemen on his own after being kicked out of the original band. It's him singing without the original members (Marco, Noah, Mackie).

How do I know this you may ask? Because I founded The Icemen, wrote all the Music, Lyrics, Artwork, etc. Unfortunately the only recordings we ever released was the R.I.P. EP.

We Official Icemen are compelled to speak when reading misinformation. Prefer to be remembered as we were, not tarnished by some illegitimate afterbirth.

Be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Many thanks,


Hirsinger Youth said...

I posted one version of their 1994 demo tape, the 7" on M13/ TPOS and the cd featured here. I am looking for their 1991 demo tape and any live recordings from 1990 to 1995. Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

i have been looking for the 7" and cassettes for years as mp3's...anyone have them in that format? the antithesis blog is great but my computer can't convert or play VRG or whatever format it's in. Dismay were really good, way ahead of theri time. i wish someone would do a discography cd.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Please reup this album.

Anonymous said...

Can you repost thi pleae? i'm dying literally to hear this!!!
cheers bro