Jan 6, 2006

POUND FOR POUND "for our fallen brothers"

I would be a sucker if I didn't use this blog to shamelessly promote my own releases from time to time so here goes! This past week the new 11 song CD from IL hardcore band POUND FOR POUND has come out on my small DIY label Surprise Attack Records. They've been around since 1999 now and have come a long way. I have the feeling that fans of heavy hardcore like myself, are going to be feeling this stuff and 2006 is going to be a great year for this band. The CD flows nicely and the songs are very memorable and stick in your head after only a few listens. This record will be available from all fine distributors in early Feb but in the mean time you can get it from my website for only $5.00 (actually we sell all of our releases for only $5 so pick up another cd while you're at it!)

1. "Losing Battle"
2. "Respect"

A few people have requested pictures of my "hardcore blanket" that I had referred to. Here's a little snapshot of it. These were just some random shirts that I had laying around from 1990-96 probably. I can't take credit for the actual construction of this as a friends mother who was a seamstress actually made it by first sewing the shirts onto a sheet. The sheet was then taken and sewn to a nice fleece blanket. It's actually super thick and warm. That blanket has been to almost every state and slept on many floors in numerous countries. Click on the picture to see a slightly larger version.


phil d said...

that blanket looks awesome as shit. the songs are real tight i will hopefully be ordering it soon.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE.COM said...

Damn, dude, I didn't know you sold your releases for $5!? How do you manage so cheap? I'm ordering right now. How does their first CD compare - is the recording as good, etc.? You gonna get that latest Vietnom release from Filled With Hate? I was going to order a bunch more of the UK/European shit off you just now but couldn't find mp3 samples anywhere... damnit.

faster than walt flanagans dog said...

oooh man
i cant believe you cut up that natas shirt

miss you ems
love matty

Stephen said...

that mags shirt rules.

Anonymous said...

those songs are tuff as fuck. That's good I think. You're blanket is gay. That's good as well. hahaha.

EMS / COREGASM said...

just to piss my mom off i wore that natas shirt in my 9th grade pictures. i have a really bad "skater cut" as well. nothing like a good old pentagram in the yearbook.

scott said...

Now, see - there you go again. Teasing everyone by mentioning a picture that must be seen! Hahaha... I see what you're doing - keep 'em coming back for more. "Pretty sneaky, sis". (Points to anyone who can name the quoted reference. And no, I'm not calling you a girl, EMS!)

EMS / COREGASM said...

haha i dont mean to man, shit even makes me laugh. maybe it will surface. it's not one of my finer hair moments.