Feb 24, 2006

4 WALLS FALLING "culture shock"

This is going to be a 3 part series on 4 Walls Falling spanning a few years of their lifespan. I believe they were from the VA area as I was able to catch them live many times in the PA and DC scenes. They started out in 1986 and ended in 1994 having gone through a lot of musical growth. In the early years the band had an energetic straight edge old school feel to it with just a hint of melodic catchyness along the lines of Turning Point, Insted, & Endpoint. Their songs were played fast and had a lot of political & environmental content to them.

I don't really remember what made me buy their "Culture Shock" LP. It was probably around 1992 and I was at my favorite local record store. Every visit to the store I would stare at it and think "this kind of looks like a hardcore band". So finally one day I broke down and bought it. The record kicked in with the first of many audio samples on the record and started out a little sloppy and slow. I started to think my decision was a poor one but then the song kicked in. "Oh nice, this sounds decent" I thought. After a few more spins on my turn table I was in love with this album. It wasn't for a few more years did I get to the chance to see them live. It was actually right here in the city I now reside. Broad & Pine St at the University of the Arts. 4 Walls Falling played there at least two times and I swear the whole room sang every last word. I don't know if I will ever feel the inspiration and awe like I did that day at a show now a days. At least I have the memories.

The band eventually branched out musically and headed in a less "old school" sounding direction. I'm going to do two more posts from their later work that explored into an almost Into Another style. But for now here's 3 tracks off of their debut full length CD. It was recorded in 1990 and released in 1991 on Jade Tree Records. It looks like they still keep this in print so I strongly recommend picking it up if you like the songs featured here. It was really hard for me to pic "favs" from this CD as the whole thing never disappoints me. Enjoy.

1. "Culture Shock"
2. "Price of Silence"
3. "Filled"


phil d said...

this is some good stuff, enough to spark my intrest in ordering it.

Anonymous said...

dude, so good. It's great to see someone else still remember's these guys. Their later stuff was my favorite, but I got a chance to book them in Syracuse a couple times ... sooo good.

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Loved this band. I've almost posted about the mighty and painfully underrated "Food for Worms" two or three times now. That shit is impeccably awesome.

Chris said...

This album is in my top three of all time. Amazing. I had the honor of seeing these guys countless time and it was always an experience.

Political hardcore that mattered.

GeekVariety said...

4 Walls originated in Richmond VA started by Taylor and Bo Steele, just fyi.