Jul 4, 2006


Buffalo NY spawned an amazing metallic hardcore band by the name of Zero Tolerance. ZT went on to influence many bands of that region. Bands like Solid State (who became Snapcase), Slugfest, Sumthin To Prove from Erie and I'm sure countless others. One of the main reasons anyone outside of the Great Lakes area might know them from is their appearance on the 1993 Victory Records "Only the Strong". Prior to that they had some other killer material that may find it's way onto Coregasm sooner or later. Word on the street is that someone somewhere is working on a discography. If that is true I know that there would be at least one sale to this guy right here.

This World Rejected featured members from Zero Tolerance and released a 7" on (oddly enough) Initial Records. Which in hindsight seems really strange for this label due to the amount of more melodic "emo" releases they went on to release. This 3 song record is nothing short but awesome in my eyes. TWR's sound is unique and one that many people might not be into. On the other hand the select few that are into it fucking love it. For some reason I always enjoyed the cover photography. There was just something about the tones and colors in it. I am unaware of what really became of this band and I had never really heard much more about any other releases but if they had more out there I would love to check it out. Check out the sick double bass. It's some sweet stuff.

P.S. If anyone has the Zero Tolerance 7" and would either like to sell it or if anyone has those songs in MP3 format I would be eternally grateful to get a copy. Thanx. - EMS

Released 1993 by Initial Records
1. "M.O.I."
2. "The Dogs Bark"
3. "This World Rejected"


phil d said...

eric i have the ZT 7" bad blood. well work something out for it. i also have the mp3s if you want em. damn i rule. haha

phil d said...

ok and for 93 this shits hard as hell damnit need more already!

Andrew @ AVERSIONLINE said...

Unlike you I find that record cover to be wholly fucking terrible, but these are solid tracks for sure. I'm digging the weird rocked out undercurrents, heh.

EMS / COREGASM said...

andrew, haha well i just liked the color scheme for the most part. then again it was 1993 so if i saw that now and that logo i wouldnt be overly impressed. the singer i believe might have also been inspired by krishna consciousness at this time, maybe influencing the calm / serene look to the cover. hahah who knows. but the record rocks and thanx Phil for the "bad blood" 7" mp3s.

Anonymous said...

fuck, the music is hard. i love it. for a couple of months i've bought this record because of the ZT connection and i was truly surprised. thanks a lot for always great music.

malik a said...

i could go on and on how much i love ZT.
and actually like that WTR 7" but its nothing like Fuel the fire tape.

still, great record. thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Bought this 7" about a month ago but my pre amp has the power cord missing so I haven't been able to listen to it. I always saw it and wondered what it was and I finally bought it. Awesome post!


Colin Young said...

Need lyrics for this~